Art and Design

Art and Design

Explore the relationship between contemporary design and fine art, and how this affects the world we live in. See below and choose one of our Art & Design school trips or browse attractions by subject on our attractions page

Q1: What are Art and Design school trips in the UK?

A1: Art and Design school trips in the UK offer students a unique opportunity to explore the rich artistic heritage of Britain. These trips take students to galleries, museums, sculpture parks, and workshops run by contemporary artists. It’s a hands-on approach to learning outside the classroom, allowing students to delve into the importance of art and design in shaping our world.

Q2: Why should I consider Art and Design school trips?

A2: Art and Design school trips go beyond traditional learning. They engage and challenge students while equipping them with valuable skills to experiment, invent, and create magnificent works of art, craft, and design. These trips ignite creativity and provide real-world exposure to artistic masterpieces.

Q3: What can students expect to see and do on these trips?

A3: Students can expect to visit renowned galleries, explore museums housing historical and contemporary art, and immerse themselves in sculpture parks. Additionally, they’ll participate in workshops led by contemporary artists, gaining insights and hands-on experience.

Q4: How does the UK’s artistic heritage play a role?

A4: The United Kingdom has a rich artistic history, producing world-famous artists, architects, and iconic landmarks. Students will discover the contributions of figures like Mary Quant, David Hockney, and renowned buildings like the Shard and the Gherkin.

Q5: How do these trips enhance students’ education?

A5: Art and Design school trips provide a comprehensive educational experience. They broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of art and design, stimulate creativity, and offer a deeper appreciation for the world of fine arts. These trips elevate the overall learning experience.

Q6: Why choose our Art & Design school trips?

A6: Our itineraries exemplify the best of art and design in the UK. We offer a platform for students to immerse themselves in the country’s artistic heritage. Our specialized trips are designed to inspire and cultivate students’ artistic talents, making learning a dynamic and enriching experience.

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Britain has a wealth of interesting places and venues for a school trip focused on art and design and it is a great way to explore the importance of how our world has been created and forged throughout pre-history by art and design.

Exploring some of the many galleries, museums and sculpture parks combined with workshops run by contemporary artists will bring learning outside the classroom to life for your students and widen their knowledge and understanding about the history of art and design.

The United Kingdom has produced many of the world’s top artists and architects. Think of Mary Quant, the Mini and other iconic brands, or famous artists such as Lowry, David Hockney, Damien Hurst, or the famous buildings that shape our cities. Iconic buildings such as the Shard designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, or the Gherkin by Norman Foster.

These are just some of the exciting places or products to explore and will help to inspire your young protégées to become the artists of the future. So get your students creative juices flowing by taking them on an art and design school trip to one of the many destinations we have to offer.

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Any of our school trips can be arranged around a particular subject or subjects with a number of different activities included. These range from workshops, talks, company visits and other relevant activities tailored to your school trip needs. Every aspect of your school trip will be individually sourced, from local restaurants to evening activities such as ghost walks or ten pin bowling.

Before you depart on your trip you’ll be provided with detailed itineraries, all booking information, travel maps if required and 24 hour emergency contact details.

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