Law & Business Studies

Law & Business Studies

Get an overview of how the financial and law centre of the UK works. See below and choose one of our Law & Business school trips.

In today’s competitive world, knowledge of legal systems and business law gives students an insight into understanding business functions and the overlap between the two disciplines, for example in the areas of business organisation, finance and market regulation.

London is the heart of the business and law world and a school trip there can encourage students to explore this fascinating world further.

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Visit a selection of businesses including The Bank of England Museum, sports stadiums, department stores, the Law Courts or a Commodity Exchange to learn about how they are run and job opportunities for the future. Meet your MP for a tour of the Houses of Parliament and for some fun and laughter take a morning to participate in a drama workshop ( a must for all budding lawyers is the ability to learn how to be a great orater) followed by and evening at the theatre. Ignite your student’s passion with a school trip tailored to their needs where they can gain invaluable insider information and useful advice to take away and enhance their learning back in the classroom.

School Trip to York

Prices from £345 per student

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Our dedicated and vastly experienced School Trips UK team pride ourselves in delivering the best bespoke law and business studies school trips. We strive to make our school trips not only educational but for and memorable experiences as well.

We are more than happy to help you with the planning and organisation of the trip including the accommodation and any travel requirement you may also have. We work closely to your requirement and budget to find the best restaurants and activities for your group to do when you’re not busy visiting attractions and other destinations.

We can help tailor your law or business studies school trip to your requirements in terms of location and venue and provide transportation and accommodation for you as well. One of our highly qualified agents will be in touch with you throughout the process to ensure you’re kept up to date and happy throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Our school trips can be arranged around a particular subject or subjects with a number of a variety activities included. These range from workshops, talks, company visits and other relevant activities tailored to your school trip needs. Every facet of your school trip will be individually sourced, from local restaurants to evening activities.
Before departing you’ll be provided with detailed itineraries, all booking information, travel maps if required and 24 hour emergency contact details.

We Include:

  • Transport
  • Quality Accommodation
  • Entry to attractions
  • Evening meals
  • Packed lunches
  • FREE teacher places
  • Information packs
  • Personal guides available
  • Risk assessments
  • 24 hour support

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