School Trip to York

School Trip to York

(based on 40 students and 4 free teachers)


Plan an unforgettable school trip to York—a historical gem offering an array of educational treasures. Nestled in the heart of Yorkshire, this captivating city boasts an abundance of museums and attractions within walking distance. With its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and easy access to the Yorkshire countryside, York presents a perfect blend of history and exploration.

Discover an educational paradise where history comes alive, catering to diverse subjects beyond its historical prowess. From the iconic York Minster to immersive experiences at the Jorvik Viking Centre and engaging workshops at the National Railway Museum, York offers a wealth of learning opportunities tailored for students of all ages and interests.

Explore cobbled streets lined with ancient buildings and delve into hands-on activities and guided tours that bring history to life. With a seamless blend of past and present, York creates an ideal setting for an enriching school adventure, sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for learning beyond textbooks.

Uncover the allure of York—a city that seamlessly combines heritage with modern amenities, inviting students to embark on a captivating educational journey. Unlock the doors to a world of history, culture, and exploration, making York an inspiring choice for an immersive and educational school trip.

School Trip to York

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Day 1

Upon arrival in York by coach, students drop off their bags at the accommodation and set out on foot to their first attraction, the York Treasurer’s House. This immersive historical venue offers insights suitable for KS2 and above, showcasing architectural marvels and historical contexts.

In the late afternoon, they embark on a City Cruises York evening cruise along the River Ouse, providing a picturesque introduction to the city’s charm and historical significance. Self-led and guided tours are available as well as hands-on activities and educational workshops.

Alternative: Explore York Castle Museum, featuring immersive experiences across different historical eras including the Yorkshire’s Jurassic World and the Roman era, ideal for KS1 and above. Students can engage in self-guided tours and workshops exploring social history and daily life.

Day 2

Start your day at the city centre located Jorvik Viking Centre, perfect for KS2 and above, offering educational talks and interactive workshops that vividly bring Viking history to life. Continue the educational journey at DIG: An Archaeological Adventure—an interactive attraction suitable for various learning levels from KS1, allowing pupils to experience archaeological digs and hands-on history.

Alternative: Visit the Yorkshire Museum, ideal for KS1 and above, offering diverse collections and resources adaptable for different learning levels, covering archaeology, geology, and biology.

Day 3

Start at the National Railway Museum, suitable for KS1 and above, with a vast array of trains and historical exhibits. Explore locomotives, historical archives, and technological advancements with guided tours suitable for various learning levels. Follow this with a Hop-on, Hop-off Open Top Bus Tour of York, offering historical insights into the city’s landmarks suitable for KS3 and GCSE students.

Alternative: Explore Cliffords Tower, offering panoramic views and historical insights suitable for all key stages, delving into its exhibits and heritage.

Day 4

Check out from your accommodation and marvel at the architectural grandeur and historical significance of York Minster, suitable for all key stages, with a great selection of guided tours focusing on different aspects of history, architecture, and religious studies.

Alternative: Engage in a captivating visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum, offering insights into aviation history suitable for KS2 and above, with interactive exhibits and workshops catering to different learning levels.

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