Trentham Monkey Forest

Trentham Monkey Forest

Ever wanted to take a class into a Monkey Forest? Now’s your opportunity to!

What We Offer Visiting Schools

Trentham Monkey Forest is the ONLY place in the UK where you can walk amongst 140 free-roaming Barbary macaque monkeys!

Monkey Forest offers an immersive and interactive learning experience for students. The forest provides a natural habitat for over 140 free-roaming Barbary macaque monkeys, allowing students to observe these fascinating creatures up close in a semi-wild environment. This fantastic experience can spark curiosity and interest in biology, animal behaviour, and conservation.

Why Choose Us for an Educational Visit

Trentham Monkey Forest is the ideal location for a fun and inspiring educational visit and will definitely be a school trip to remember.
Get those classmates outdoors learning about all things nature and conservation. Monkey Forest actively promotes conservation efforts and the ethical treatment of animals. Through guided tours and educational sessions, students can learn about the conservation challenges these endangered monkeys face in the wild and how responsible tourism can contribute to their protection.

Subjects and Topics Covered

Exploring the forest offers students an opportunity to study biodiversity and forest ecology. They can observe how the monkeys interact with their natural surroundings and the impact they have on the ecosystem. This first-hand experience can deepen their understanding of the delicate balance within natural habitats and also raise students’ awareness about environmental issues. They can learn about the importance of preserving forests, protecting endangered species, and how human activities can impact wildlife and their habitats.

Trentham Monkey Forest presents an enriching and unforgettable educational experience for students. It combines fun and adventure with valuable insights into wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and environmental stewardship, making it an outstanding choice for a school trip.

From primary school, up to university, Monkey Forest can cover a wide variety of topics to ensure an excellent education visit. Our educational offerings include school trips, group visits, and workshops, all of which are tailored to suit different ages and levels of learning.

Itineraries, Resources, and Workshops

Trentham Monkey Forest also provides a range of educational resources, including fun facts, quizzes, and activity sheets, which are perfect for families and educators looking to learn more about our playful primates. There are fantastic play spaces onsite, perfect for energetic young minds! Including a Brass Rubbing Primate Trail where little ones can draw, watch and play all things primate. In addition to this, there’s a monkey-shaped Willow Maze for the class to explore, where they can learn the anatomy of a Barbary macaque whilst being lost inside one’s belly!

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Disabled Access, Disabled Toilets, Facilities for Hearing Impaired, Facilities for Visually Impaired, On Site Parking


Conference Facilities, Pre visit Available, Risk Assessment Available,


Cafe, Picnic Site, Shop, Toilets,


Guide Dogs Welcome – have to be looked after by office team during visit as dogs not allowed in enclosure





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    Opening Hours

    Seasonal, please see website for details


    Educator Led: £9 per student – one teacher is free for every 5 students with subsequent adults £11 each.

    • Minimum of 20 students
    • One hour with a member of our education team in the forest
    • Time to explore the forest at your leisure when your session is over
    • Booking is essential and we recommend booking in advance
    • We can tailor your trip to the topic you are studying

    Self Led: £7 per student – one teacher is free for every 5 students, with a subsequent adults £9 each.


    Trentham Monkey Forest, Trentham Estate, Stone Road ST4 8AY

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