School Trip to Nottingham

School Trip to Nottingham


On a school trip to Nottingham, visit a city steeped in legendary tales, industrial ingenuity, and historical marvels that offer a captivating tapestry of educational exploration for school trips.

Immerse yourselves in the vibrant history of Nottingham, a city renowned for its association with the iconic legend of Robin Hood, lace-making expertise, Raleigh bikes, and the bustling tobacco industry. Nottingham’s allure lies not only in its folklore but in the intertwining narratives of medieval England and the Industrial Revolution.

Unravel the secrets of Robin Hood and the medieval era amidst the verdant landscapes of Sherwood Forest. Dive into the legendary folklore that has captivated generations, engaging students in an immersive experience of history and adventure.

Discover the city’s industrial past through educational visits to Nottingham’s iconic sites. Learn about the lace-making heritage that thrived during the Industrial Revolution, shaping Nottingham as the epicentre of this craft’s innovation.

From ancient wonders like the Ice Age art in the caves of Creswell Crags to an array of scenic trails meandering through the city, Nottinghamshire offers a diverse array of educational treasures waiting to be explored.

Plan an educational school trip to Nottingham today and dive into a world where legends meet history, offering an enriching and unforgettable experience for students. Explore Nottingham’s educational marvels and embark on an educational journey unlike any other! Inquire now to unveil Nottingham’s historical secrets and embark on an educational adventure.

School Trip to Nottingham

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Day 1

Commence your educational journey by exploring Nottingham’s rich history at the National Civil War Centre. Delve into the turbulent era of the English Civil War through interactive exhibits and immersive experiences, engaging students of various ages with historical narratives and significant events from this pivotal period.

Alternative Activity 1: The school trip commences with a visit to the legendary Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre, catering to Key Stages 1 to 5 (ages 5 to 18). Dive into the heart of Robin Hood’s tales and medieval England. Engaging educational tours and interactive exhibits reveal the truth behind the folklore, making it a fantastic start for a captivating journey.

Alternative Activity 2: Chatsworth House, en route to Nottingham from the north. This grand estate, set in beautiful surroundings, offers an enriching experience exploring art, history, and magnificent gardens, setting the tone for an educational and inspirational trip. They have workshops designed for early years right the way up to A levels. This grand estate offers educational tours focusing on art, history, and architecture. as well as allowing for the integration of the arts and creativity into STEM based learning: STEM + Art = STEAM. Workshops on art appreciation, historical significance, and tours of the estate’s gardens and exhibits provide an engaging experience for students of various ages.

Alternative 3: The school trip kicks off with a visit to the historic Newstead Abbey en route to Nottingham. Once the home of Lord Byron, the abbey’s grounds, gardens, and museum offer insights into literary history, art, and outdoor exploration, setting the tone for an enriching trip. They offer curriculum linked workshops from creative writing to history and environment.

Day 2

Morning brings water-based adventures at Spring Lakes Watersports. Students can partake in kayaking, paddleboarding, or raft building, fostering teamwork and skill development under the guidance of experienced instructors. They offer great term-time weekday offers

Alternative Morning Activity: Holme Pierrepont Country Park Students can enjoy various outdoor activities like high ropes courses, mini-golf, or cycling, providing an active and enjoyable morning.

In the afternoon, students have the option to explore Go Ape at Sherwood, perfect for Key Stages 1 to 5 (ages 5 to 18). This outdoor adventure site offers thrilling treetop experiences including zip lines, canopy exploring, and obstacle courses. Supervised activities cater to team building and adventurous spirit among students.

In the evening, the school will attend a performance at the Nottingham Playhouse, adding a cultural and artistic touch to the day. They do also offer theatre workshops which are flexible and can be tailored to your desired age group.

Day 3

The day begins with a visit to the intriguing City of Caves. Guided tours through underground tunnels, interactive sessions, and cave experiences offer a fascinating glimpse into Nottingham’s history. There’s workshops and tours available for KS1 through to KS3 suitable for History, Geography and Geology linked school trips.

Afternoon Activity: Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery Bring history to life with engaging art exhibitions, historical displays, and guided tours covering various art movements and local history.

Alternative Activity: Embark on an educational journey exploring the mysteries of Creswell Crags, an ancient site adorned with Ice Age art. Uncover the intriguing remnants of the past, offering a glimpse into prehistoric times and captivating students of various ages with its archaeological wonders. It’s ideal for students from Key Stages 1 to 5 (ages 5 to 18), offering a captivating journey into prehistoric history. Through guided tours and tailored workshops encompassing history and archaeology, students interpret ancient cave paintings, engage in hands-on activities, and explore the daily lives of early humans.

Day 4

The school trip concludes with a visit to Hardwick Hall, an impressive Elizabethan mansion. Guided tours focusing on textiles, design, and historical significance provide an informative and visually stunning experience.

Alternative Activity: Belvoir Castle (located near Grantham) Students can opt for a visit to Belvoir Castle, situated near Grantham, providing a different historical perspective compared to the grandeur of Hardwick Hall. This captivating castle offers guided tours exploring its rich history, architecture, and beautiful surroundings. Students will have the opportunity to delve into the castle’s interiors, gardens, and learn about its significance in English heritage.

Alternative Activity 2: Elvaston Castle (located near Derby) Students can opt for a visit to Elvaston Castle, situated near Derby, offering a different architectural and historical perspective compared to Hardwick Hall. This stunning castle, set within picturesque grounds, provides guided tours showcasing its architecture, gardens, and historical significance. Students will explore the castle’s interiors and outdoor spaces, learning about its heritage and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Alternative 3:

Concluding the school trip, students can opt for a visit to the National Forest Adventure Farm, offering a wide array of interactive farm experiences, animal encounters, and engaging activities. Perfect for a day of fun and learning, this alternative activity caters to various age groups, providing hands-on educational experiences in a farm setting.

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