School Trip to Devon

School Trip to Devon


School Trip to Devon

Embarking on a school trip to Devon unveils a treasure trove of learning experiences beyond the confines of the classroom. Devon, a county adorned with remarkable diversity, invites exploration into its rich tapestry of history and natural wonders.

Immersed in history, Devon showcases picturesque villages reminiscent of scenes from a postcard. Whitewashed cottages crowned with thatched roofs punctuate the lush, steep valleys of the Devon countryside, offering a glimpse into a traditional architectural marvel unique to this region. The sight of deep red earth in the fields, particularly during the seasonal ploughing by farmers, stands as a distinctive geographical characteristic found only in select parts of Britain.

Nestled within Devon’s embrace lie two exceptional National Parks—Exmoor National Park and Dartmoor National Park. Complemented by five official Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, these landscapes serve as not just a backdrop but an immersive classroom for both learning and outdoor adventures.

For enthusiasts of the seaside, Devon is an unparalleled destination, promising a treat for students. Whether it’s revelling in a surfing lesson or embarking on a guided excursion tailored to align with National Curriculum studies, the county’s spectrum of sandy, family-friendly beaches, pebbled coves, and windswept bays with breathtaking vistas offers an array of educational opportunities. From rolling hills to fertile farmlands and rugged moorlands, Devon paints a picturesque canvas inviting students to explore, learn, and embrace the wonders of this enchanting locale.

School Trip to Devon

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Day 1
The school trip to Devon begins with an early morning departure from the school premises by coach. As the journey unfolds, students can relish the picturesque views along the way. Devon’s scenic landscapes will accompany the group as they travel towards their destination.

Upon arrival in Devon, the students check into a local hostel where they will be staying for the next two nights. After settling in, the group heads out to a nearby local eatery for lunch. Energized and ready to explore, the first attraction on the itinerary is the historic Exeter Cathedral. This awe-inspiring architectural marvel provides an opportunity for students to delve into its rich historical significance. An alternative to this would be Powderham Castle, situated just to the south of Exeter, provides an educational and historically significant visit for students, allowing them to immerse themselves in the heritage and cultural richness of the region before departing for their return journey.

In the evening, the group can unwind by exploring the Quayside in Exeter. Strolling along the quay, students can browse local shops, dine at a riverside restaurant, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

Day 2
Following breakfast at the hostel, the day kicks off with a visit to Dartmoor National Park. Immersed in nature, students can engage in activities such as hiking amidst Dartmoor’s natural beauty, visiting iconic landmarks like Haytor Rocks, or participating in educational programs focused on wildlife and geography.

The next stop is the charming seaside town of Torquay. Here, students can relish the coastal ambiance, explore attractions like Kents Cavern for an intriguing prehistoric cave tour, or enjoy leisure time at Torre Abbey Sands engaging in various beach activities.

As evening approaches, the group returns to the hostel for dinner. Optional group activities, such as games or a movie night, can be organized to wind down after a day filled with exploration and adventure.

Day 3
Breakfast at the hostel and check-out.
Situated near Taunton to the east of Exeter, Hestercombe House & Gardens presents an exquisite blend of history and horticultural magnificence. The estate offers a captivating journey through its meticulously landscaped gardens, showcasing a fusion of formal and informal designs across its sprawling grounds. Students can immerse themselves in the beauty of the gardens, learn about landscape architecture, and delve into the estate’s historical significance. Stop for your final packed lunch from your hostel or enjoy a lunch provided by the cafe at Hestercombe House & Gardens by continuing your journey back to your school.

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