The Bug Parc

The Bug Parc

The Bug Parc is a unique visitor attraction being the largest purpose built invertebrate zoo in the UK. See over 200 different live invertebrates in 15 visitor centres together with a butterfly and shell museum. The Bug Parc is a great place of learning with so much information available about our minibeast friends.

The Bug Parc

The Bug Parc is unique in the UK, a fabulous visitor attraction offering our visitors an unrivalled look into the world of minibeasts and creepy crawlies. Being both educational and a fun place to see animals that you would only normally see on television, The Bug Parc has something to offer all ages.

Schools have found a visit to our Parc to have been most stimulating , with children being engaged in every way both with the live animals on show and via the informative wall boards that help teachers to cover major parts of the school curriculum.

Our 15 visitor centres, cover many of the invertebrate groups, with many different species on show in each centre to include :

-our shell museum with thousands of examples of both sea shells, land gastropod shells and marine coral.

-our pinned butterfly museum, a curated display of hundreds of butterflies and moths from all parts of the world which have been collected over the last 60 years

-our introduction to invertebrates room showing information about all of the invertebrate groups as well as a large selection of pinned beetles and other invertebrates.

-our night room….. a visitor centre bathed in red light to simulate night time so that visitors can see our animals roaming in their vivarium as if at night.

-our scorpion room which displays many different species, all lit up by UV light at the touch of a button

-our millipede room showing both millipedes and polydesmids as well as a selection of tropical isopods.

-our stick insect room displaying a massive array of tropical stick insects and their offspring.

-our amazing leaf cutting ant colony….. a mature ant nest with walkways outside the nest covering a 40 metre trail to the outworld where the ants cut their leaves.

-our beetle room showing both rhinoceros beetles as well as scarabs and tropical tiger beetles.

-our grasshopper and cricket room displays some of the most amazing insects there are to see, both colourful and weirdly shaped and all with a background of singing crickets.

-the mantis room displays over 20 different mantis species, both young and adult as well as their eggcases and hatched nymphs

-our cockroach room incorporates a display of cockroaches as well as assassin bugs, centipedes, medicinal leeches and giant water bugs

-the snail and  crab room has some of the largest land gastropods you can find on show as well as hermit and vampire crabs

And finally there are our two visitor centres that house our tarantula and spider collection. A huge collection of so many tarantulas are on show as well as two displays of giant orb weaver spiders on their webs

The visitor centres covered, that just leaves the handling experience….we have the facility to allow over 120 visitors to each have a 50 minute handling experience holding up to seven or eight different minibeasts during the session……an experience that has constantly delighted both young and old alike.

We have on site a butterfly themed , brand new café, serving breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake as well as a well stocked gift shop selling all manner of insect themed merchandise.

A fun day out for all ages.

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Disabled Access, Disabled Toilets, Guide Dogs Welcome, On Site Parking


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    Open Wednesday to Sundays:
    10am to 5pm until 30th September 2023
    10am to 4pm from 1st October 2023 until 31st March 2024
    10am to 5pm from 1st April to 30th September 2024


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