Celtic Harmony Camp

Celtic Harmony Camp

As an award winning education charity Celtic Harmony Camp offers a unique ‘hands-on’ experience with activities from warrior training to archery, grinding grain to weaving, hunting & gathering to shelter building.

Celtic Harmony Camp

Day Trips

Step back into Ancient Britain at Celtic Harmony Camp, the UK’s largest reconstructed Iron Age settlement near Hertford. With a host of themed Prehistory day programmes from Stone Age to Iron Age, your class will be immersed in the sights and sounds that Ancient Britons experienced during 800,000 years of Prehistory.

Your pupils will have the opportunity to develop knowledge of Prehistory as they experience ‘The Changes in Britain from Stone to Iron Age’ alongside our dedicated costumed educators, as well as having the opportunity to build on their confidence and social skills through exciting hands-on activities.

Stone Age Day. Target Audience:  Key Stage 2

Experience life as Neolithic Hunter Gatherers and watch the Friction Fire Lighting display, then take part in:

•    Gather for food and prehistory cooking
•    Build your own shelter
•    Flint tools and Hunting in the woods
•    Trade for skins and horn!


Prehistory Experience. Target Audience: Key Stage 2

Travel from being Neolithic Hunter Gatherers to Bronze Age Potters and Iron Age Farmers in this dynamic journey through a million years of Prehistory. The day starts with a demonstration of the evolution from Stone to Iron showing real metal ores. Your own Prehistory Leader will guide you around in small groups of 15 children.


Farmer Day. Target Audience:  Key Stage 2

Learn hands-on from our Millers, Weavers and Herbalists as you travel from early Neolithic farmers to Iron Age technology! This exciting day will help you work towards many curricular outcomes: Iron Age hill forts, tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture.


Boudicca Warrior Day. Target Audience:  Key Stage 2

The Romans are coming and Boudicca has called on all villagers to fight! Pupils work in small teams of approximately 15 pupils and complete challenges to earn gold coins.


Feasting shelter
Our visitors normally eat outside in our feasting shelter, a covered area with enough room to seat approximately 90 people. We have alternative seating areas if the weather is unsuitable for eating outside.

Our onsite café serves teas, coffees and snacks to adults at various points during your visit. Our kitchen where our chef prepares all the food for your residential has a food hygiene standard rating of 5 out of 5.

Toilets Facilities
Toilet facilities: standard flushable toilets, urinals and eco composting toilets. Outside and inside hand washing facilities available with soap and paper towels.

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Risk Assessment Available,



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    Day Trips: from £15.00 per child. Accompanying adults free. Visit the website for details


    Celtic-Harmony Camp, Brickendon Lane, Brickendon, Near Hertford, SG13 8NY

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