Written by: Elmtree Press


Get up close to nature through the seasons and check out our colourful birds and habitats as they adapt and change . As foliage starts to disappear from the trees, spotting smaller birds becomes easier making it a great time for beginner bird-watchers. With fewer school visitors on site, this is the perfect time of year to engage your learners with the natural world.


We offer several curriculum-linked sessions, focused on wetland habitats and species. Earlier in the season the ponds are still bursting with life making our popular pond dipping sessions, ‘What lives in a pond?’ and ‘How do animals live in a pond?’, excellent choices for September and October. Other sessions, such as ‘What do birds eat?’ and ‘How do birds live in wetlands?’, give learners a chance to use binoculars to investigate bird-life in a wetland habitat.

Plus you can enjoy watching our baby otter Ruby grow and thrive, keeping her attentive parents busy at our daily otter feeds at 1130am and 3pm.


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