Water-based activities for children at UKSA

Written by: Elmtree Press

It may be cold outside and the last thing you were thinking about today was water-based activities but we thought it was in fact the perfect time to look forward into 2019 and talk about how best to engage children in the outdoors! 

Next year, when the skies are more blue and cheerful than they are right now, why not consider some water-based activities with UKSA to inspire your class or youth group? UKSA are keen to emphasis the importance of getting children outside whilst learning new skills and allowing them to have as much fun as possible whilst doing so. By being outside of the  children can learn important life skills whilst letting them enjoy themselves and spend time with their peers. Be being outside of the classroom there is a freedom that can help children to grow and connect with their world around them.

At UKSA kids can learn crucial life skills through a range of activities including windsurfing, dinghy sailing and kayaking, and their expert instructors are always looking to ignite young minds through active adventure! One of the key benefits of taking your classroom out onto the water comes through the team-building that comes through in the instruction and activities that they participate in. Teachers found that the experience encouraged all forms of communication skills as well as providing an enormous boost to young people‚Äôs confidence which they take with them as their continue on their education.

So despite the frosty cold December skies, think forward to the new year and how you might want to stir up your class or student group best - UKSA has a fantastic selection of water-based activities to choose from.