Visit a Castle this Summer and bring out your inner Knight! (or Damsel!)

Written by: Elmtree Press

Skipton Castle
Guardian of the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales for over 900 years, this unique fortress is one of the most complete and well-preserved medieval castles in England. Standing on a 40-metre high crag, fully-roofed Skipton Castle was founded around 1090 by Robert de Romille, one of William the Conqueror's Barons, as a fortress in the dangerous northern reaches of the kingdom.
One of the best preserved, most complete, medieval castles in England, full roofed and well worth a visit by any age at any time of year. Delightful picnic areas and rooms available for group use. Illustrated tour sheets in ten languages, or experienced guides provided for pre-booked parties at no extra charge.

School trips to Skipton Castle have access to facilities for educational visits include eating area, classroom and guided tour. Free preparatory visits for teachers. Shop selling wide range of gifts or pre-ordered goody bags available for collection.  Teacher's resource packs are available.
This summer you can become a time traveller and experience the 12th 15th or 16th Century. See their events at

Alnwick Castle
Step into Alnwick Castle and leave today behind. Travel with costumed guides to meet armoured knights, ancient magic, Gunpowder Plots, Victorian inventors and even take a peek into the world of wizards and Harry Potter.
Their school package includes  a workshop of your choice, free range of the Knights Quest Area and Dragons Quest for the brave and fearless. In the wider Castle there are self-guided trails, the sumptuous State Rooms, three museums and even grassy banks to roll down. You can of course opt for additional activities as well, such as learning how to fly a broomstick. however, beware a day is  not long enough.

Oxford Castle and Prison
Oxford Castle & Prison is located on the former site of HMP Oxford but has stood as a Castle for 1000 years. The attraction offers regular 40-minute guided tours which explain the origins of Oxford and the role the Castle played in the city’s rich history. Visitors explore the Saxon stone-built St. George’s Tower, the atmospheric crypt, the preserved Georgian prison wing and the ancient man-made mound offering breath-taking views over Oxford’s dreaming spires.