Uncover the bean to bar process with Cadbury World's curriculum-linked talk

Written by: Elmtree Press

Pupils will see traditional chocolate making demonstrations on their self-guided tour of the Cadbury World attraction

Helping to bring educational topics to life, Cadbury World’s interactive Bean to Bar talk gives primary school pupils the chance to discover the origins of the cocoa bean and learn more about the modern-day chocolate making process.  

Linked to Key Stage 1 and 2 topics including the IPC Chocolate topic and Scrumdiddlyumptious, the fun and informative Bean to Bar talk takes school pupils on an exciting backstage look at the chocolate-making process delivered by Cadbury World’s dedicated team within its on-site themed education rooms.

Pupils will begin their chocolatey journey by discovering the ingredients used to make the chocolate we all love and delve further into where they originate from around the world, whilst taking a close-up look at real Ghanian cocoa beans.

As well as having the opportunity to dress up as real factory workers, pupils are given the unique opportunity to get hands on with real-life chocolate moulds and learn how the different and more unique Cadbury products are created.    

In a sneak-peek behind the scenes, pupils are shown exclusive footage from inside the Cadbury factory, giving them a unique glimpse into the secrets behind the brand’s chocolate-making process.

The education team will explain the importance of the Cocoa Life sustainability programme and why it is so crucial today, before showing some of the most iconic Cadbury advertisements throughout history.

Each year, Cadbury World welcomes more than 2,000 schools and 120,000 students through its doors and the Bean to Bar talk is just one of many interactive sessions offered at Cadbury World to complement a school’s self-guided tour.

Recently joining its extensive portfolio of popular talks is the Design Technology Workshop aimed at the secondary curriculum Key Stage 3 Design and Technology pupils. Giving pupils a mini introduction into how the design process works in real life, the talk takes a closer look at over 100 years of fascinating Cadbury packaging designs, and works with the school children to create their very own Cadbury wrapper.

Elsewhere at Cadbury World, school groups can learn and discover even more throughout the attraction’s chocolatey zones.

Visitors can travel back 1,000 years to the Aztec Jungle to uncover the origins of the cocoa bean or take a trip down Advertising Avenue to relive some of Cadbury’s popular advertising campaigns.

For an extra dose of nostalgia, pupils can head to the popular Chocolate Making zone to watch the talented Cadbury World chocolatiers demonstrate traditional chocolate making skills.

Colin Pitt, education manager at Cadbury World, said: “For almost a decade, school children have enjoyed this exclusive talk on how a chocolate bar is made and the history behind it, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

“Our educational team members make it an interactive, enjoyable and hands-on experience, giving pupils a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes in our factories.”

Resources and workbooks are available for students on the Cadbury World website to enrich the experience.

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