UK Zoos, a great venue for a school trip to remember!

Written by: Elmtree Press

The UK is fortunate to be home to some of the most internationally respected zoos in the world both in terms of conservation and in providing superb conditions for the various species.

We all remember wonderful days out as a child seeing amazing animals for the very first time, so where better to take your students on a school trip than to the zoo.  They will never forget it!


Amazona Zoo in Cromer is a unique and educational day out for school trips. They make learning interesting and bring wildlife and conservation issues to life into a unique learning experience to make a school trip your students will  always remember. Share their passion for the natural world, hear fun facts and figures, see  amazing artefacts and learn about different habitats and creatures that populate South America. Amazona Zoo is home to over 200 animals from tropical South America, including jaguars, monkeys, peccaries, otters, owls, macaws, parrots, capuchins, spiders, snakes, flamingos, rheas, guinea pigs, iguanas, caimans, pumas and tapirs. 
As well as a fascinating collection of animals and birds there is a 30ft yurt designated for learning.  

Bristol Zoo Gardens is a leading visitor attraction, with over 400 species of animals, within a stunning garden setting.  They are also an award-winning conservation and education charity, meaning that they are in the unique position to teach people about biodiversity, conservation and the natural world, making it the ideal destination for an educational school trip! Education sessions take place in themed classrooms in the Conservation Education Centre and feature live animals. Sessions can be linked to the National Curriculum, or specific syllabi as required.
Their themed classrooms help create an exciting learning environment, sometimes with sound effects. Live animals that can be held, touched or viewed at very close quarters are used in all sessions.  Animals include reptiles, mammals and invertebrates. They also use biofacts such as skins, furs, tusks, horns, shells and mounted specimens.  Short film clips are also often shown to support your chosen topic.

Visit apes, big cats, rhino and a whole host of other amazing creatures at Colchester Zoo.  Free award-winning education sessions are also available that allow students to explore concepts and skills in STEM, humanities, art, business, citizenship and English subject areas.

From classification and conservation to debating and marketing, the sessions encourage interaction through investigating objects, discussion, observation, demonstrations and games. Sessions last for 45 minutes and workshops for 90 minutes. During your visit there are also opportunities for student-led learning with their extensive range of free, downloadable resources. Other free activities include hand feeding giraffes and elephants, keeper encounters and handling sessions. They provide a visit that will inspire and excite your students as they explore the animal kingdom.


One of Yorkshire's favourite attractions, Flamingo Land has everything you need for a fantastic day out. Enhance your day by booking an interactive workshop, guided tour or Meet a Creature session - free with a zoo-only visit! Workshops and tours are available on a wide variety of curriculum-linked topics including habitats, adaptation and many more. Get hands on with skins, skulls and antlers, meet live animals up close or explore the zoo with an expert on hand to answer all your questions. Their education department is available all year round.

Visit Marwell Zoo and discover a range of exotic and endangered species across 140 acres of beautiful parkland. This summer, spend time with their playful primates at ‘Lemur Loop’, a new immersive walkthrough exhibit. Explore the environment of four different types of lemur who will be joined in their home by a new species for Marwell - green peafowl. What’s more, the zoo’s knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help guests learn all about these wonderful animals.

They provide a range of fun, hands on workshops, most of which have some animal contact. The workshops are curriculum linked and developed by their education team, most of whom are qualified and time served teachers. They have three classrooms and a lecture theatre specifically for education workshops. Not forgetting of course that there are 140 acres of zoo to discover with hundreds of animals to see, hear and smell!


Monkey World is an  internationally-acclaimed ape rescue centre, in 65 acres of beautiful woodland, home to over 250 primates and is the largest ape and monkey rescue centre in the world. Opened in 1987 to provide abused Spanish beach chimpanzees with a permanent home, the site is now a sanctuary for primates from across the globe.

Combining fun with conservation and animal education, half-hourly talks explain all about man's closest living relative. You can also see the stars of TV's 'Monkey Business' and the series 'Monkey Life', then 'monkey around' in the south's largest adventure play area.

They now have brand new educational packs for sale from our online shop and a taster of worksheets available to download for free from the education section of the Monkey World website.


Open 364 days a year, Twycross Zoo is set amongst the beautiful rural countryside in the heart of England.

Right on the Leicestershire / Warwickshire border, Twycross Zoo is an award-winning conservation charity, with an award-winning schools programme, and fun for all the family.

Immerse yourself and explore the animal world any time of the year, with indoor and outdoor enclosures, interactive experiences and fun, exciting encounter with over 500 animals, from over 100 different species.

Twycross Zoo is an experience your pupils will never forget! Treat the children to a day away from school that promises to be not only be exciting, but packed full of new things to see and learn about some of the fantastic animals that share our planet.
They provide Interactive, curriculum linked educational workshops for all ages in a fantastic outdoor learning environment.


Look Closer and Learn More at ZSL London Zoo, a fun and inspiring day out for schools groups of all ages and sizes. With bookable sessions, exciting exhibits, a range of free daily talks and events and downloadable self-guided resources, your class will be fully engaged in their visit and amazed at the animal life they will encounter.

Discover engaging hands-on workshops and activities delivered by their team of Discovery & Learning Officers. Students will have an opportunity to handle objects from the natural world and could even meet one of their animals!
All sessions are National Curriculum and Exam Board syllabi linked and your students will have the opportunity to develop skills and explore concepts around evolution, biodiversity, climate change and conservation in activities such as ‘Endangered Animals’, ‘Zoos and Conservation’ and ‘World Habitats’.
There is an exciting range of free talks and demonstrations at ZSL London Zoo such as ‘Tigers Live!’, ‘Rainforest Live!’ and ‘Penguin Beach Live!’ Allow your class to experience the different events they have throughout the day that will bring your students closer than ever to the animals.
Visit their website to find a fantastic range of free activity sheets and discover exhibits such as Rainforest Life, Gorilla Kingdom, Penguin Beach and Tiger Territory. Your class will be amazed at the animal life they will encounter.


Open the door to acres and acres of adventure and enter the UK's biggest zoo at Whipsnade. Home to animals including elephants, rhinos and hippos, a visit to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo can get your class close to some of the world's biggest creatures. With free daily talks and events and downloadable self-guided resources, your class will be fully engaged in their visit and amazed at the animal life they will encounter.

The indoor Butterfly exhibit will bring students through the lifecycle of butterflies from pupae to adult, showcasing colour, camouflage and complex patterns. Check out the new Lifecycles education session that helps students understand lifecycles and get to participate in hands on, interactive games to reinforce their learning.
Enhance your day with an exciting education session from their award-winning Discovery and Learning team. Your students will have the opportunity to develop skills and explore concepts around evolution, biodiversity, climate change and conservation with sessions such as ‘On the Edge, ‘Classification and ‘Habitats’

Designed to link with the national curriculum and exam board syllabi these sessions provide enjoyable hands on experiences, delivered by their discovery and learning team. Your students will have the chance to use objects from the natural world to in a unique learning environment with Whipsnade’s Discovery & Learning Team.