Trip to Liverpool

Written by: Elmtree Press

Liverpool is one of the most iconic cities in England and offers something for all ages.  A plethora of stunning architecture, two beautiful cathedrals and a rich and diverse musical culture that has born many great artists, the most famous being The Beatles.  A new music museum has recently opened called The British Music Experience telling the story of popular music and along with visiting The Beatles Story, The Tate and Walker Galleries, there is a wealth of opportunities to study Music and the Arts.

Liverpool boasts a rich maritime history, Cunard based its headquarters here from 1840 until 1967 and during the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries it was a migration port for those seeking a better life in the Americas and New World.  The White Star Line, the managing company of the doomed Titanic that sank on its maiden voyage in April 1912, had its headquarters in Liverpool and you can learn more about this awful disaster by visiting the Merseyside Maritime Museum and or one of the city’s other fine museums including  The Museum of Liverpool or The World Museum,  all of which are free.

For a school trip there is a wide variety of choice on what to see and do depending upon what part of the curriculum you are studying and what you want your pupils to learn from their trip.  

One thing we would recommend though is a trip on the river with Mersey Ferries both to see the magnificent views of the city skyline and to learn about the cities rich heritage.  The onboard commentary is both informative and fun as well as giving you time to relax and enjoy the views.  The trip lasts about an hour and you can hop off at Woodside Ferry Terminal to see the U-Boat, view the interior and have a glimpse back into history. 

Take the boat across to Seacombe which is the first ferry stop on the opposite side of the Mersey to visit Spaceport.  This Museum is a complete contrast to what the museums of Liverpool have to offer, where those museums focus on the past, music and the arts, Spaceport is a refreshing alternative and is all about the universe we live in, the history of space exploration and the future of space exploration, it will keep your students enthralled for hours.  

As they walk through a series of interactive galleries with lots of hands on games to play they will gradually learn and absorb interesting facts about our universe.  There is also an informative film about space as well as a Star Wars exhibition with many of the costumes from the film on display. This is certainly a memorable visit for all ages of students and who knows it may well inspire some young people to become some or our space astronauts of the future!

So if you are looking for a city break for your students we would highly recommend this historic city.  With warm and friendly people, good accommodation and transport links Liverpool is a great city to visit for a school trip.