Thinking Of Keeping A Monkey As A Pet?


Rescuing Monkeys and Apes from the British Pet Trade has become Monkey World's biggest problem and it is getting worse every year.

Are you thinking of keeping a monkey as a pet? Monkey World has been rescuing monkeys from the growing legal trade in keeping primates as pets in Britain. Over the last two years alone, the centre rescued 26 monkeys of 6 different species from private homes and pet shops, and numbers show every sign of continuing to increase if the laws currently governing the trade in pet monkeys remain unchanged. Monkeys for sale!! 

It is hard to believe but small monkeys can be purchased from British pet shops with no background checks or licences. It is as easy to buy a pet monkey in Britain as it is to purchase a goldfish! Monkey World is an international primate rescue and rehabilitation centre, but more and more they find themselves being called to rescue and rehabilitate monkeys being kept as pets, legally, in Britain today. 

Some of the worst conditions, from which they have rescued monkeys, are from people's homes, says Dr Alison Cronin, Director of Monkey World. After reading this you may think twice about keeping a monkey as a Pet. Sadly most of these primates are kept by well meaning but unqualified people who do not know what the needs of their monkeys are. 

Monkeys from the British pet trade go to Monkey World in terrible physical and mental condition having been kept in tiny, indoor birdcages, in solitary confinement. And it is not just the monkeys that are suffering. Well-meaning individuals are being misled by breeders and dealers as to the needs and longevity of captive monkeys. People are paying thousands of pounds for animals that require specialist care and that will never make good pets. Be aware! The British public are being ripped off by this needless but legal trade. 

Monkey World has built several new facilities to house more refugees from the UK pet trade but are unable to keep up with the current increase in the trade in primates as pets. Monkey World currently has a long waiting list of upset and concerned owners who are desperate to find specialist homes for animals that they now realise they are unable to care for adequately. Should keeping a pet monkey be banned? 

There is currently little in the way of legislation protecting the welfare of these wild animals like there is for the same animals kept in British zoos or wildlife parks. Monkey World has collected over 110,000 signatures on a petition to improve the standard of care of primates kept in pet shops, with breeders, or in private homes in the UK. Dr Cronin was invited to make a presentation with members of the House of Lords at the end of November last year and weeks later, the government announced a review of the legislation. Dr Cronin also provided evidence to the EFRA Select Committee who are releasing a report to the government on their findings. 


  • Monkey World has more experience dealing with primates from the pet industry than any other organisation.
  • Since 1989 Monkey World has rescued 78 monkeys and apes, of 16 different species, from the British pet trade. Over the past 10 years the trade has increased exponentially, with 26 of the 78 monkeys brought in from the pet trade in just the last two years (2012 - 2013).
  • Monkey World is calling for Welfare 4 Wildlife where every monkey in UK is provided a good and the same standard of care as provided by law in zoos or wildlife parks. Pet monkeys deserve the same standard of care even if they live behind net curtains.
  • Monkey World is home to over 250 primates of more than 20 different species and is the largest primate rescue operation in the world.
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