The Past Brought to Life at Beamish Museum

Written by: Elmtree Press

Beamish Museum is a multi-award winning living museum where the past of the North East of England is brought to life. Visit a busy Edwardian town street full of bustling shops, head underground at the coal mine, ride on the replica early trains in the Georgian landscape, explore the 1940s Farm or take a trip on the steam powered gallopers at the fair - it is a great place for a school trip, be they early years, primary, secondary or university students.

As you take your school trip around the museum you will meet many people happy to answer questions and share their knowledge. It is up to you where you visit, enabling you to tailor your school trip to your needs. A visit will immerse students in the sights, smells, feel, sounds and maybe even tastes of history. Be it the sound of a fire crackling, the breeze on the top deck of the open tram, the darkness of the mine...these are all experiences that a visit to the museum delivers but are challenging to re-create in the classroom. 

As well as a teacher led visit, the museum runs many activities led by staff that will enhance your learning. These are designed to fit with the curriculum and are not just about history. Why not use a visit to inspire writing or link with your work on STEM? The wide range of activities can be found on our website.  Many take an inquiry-based learning approach, setting students the challenge of investigating situations and questions by talking to people in roles as characters from the past. Why, for example, would a young man lie about his age to sign up for war in 1914? Asking this question in a 1914 setting and speaking to people with the opinions and knowledge of the time helps students to understand.

We have lots of experience of working with school trip groups to ensure their visit meets their needs and expectations. Contact us (0191 370 4011, and we’ll happily help you plan your day.

For more information on Beamish Museum visit their main page here