Summer Term at WWT LLanelli

Written by: Elmtree Press

The summer term is a fantastic time to visit WWT Llanelli, with ducklings and goslings hatching all over the grounds, noisy bird breeding colonies, wildflowers in bloom, and brightly-coloured butterflies and dragonflies flying all around!


The ponds have sprung to life with baby fish, water spiders, great diving beetles, dragonfly and damselfly larvae, snails, water lice and much more, so this is the perfect time to bring your class pond dipping! Learners will get hands-on catching creatures, identifying and recording them, and watching them up close with magnifying glasses and on the digital microscope to discover what they get up to and how they’re adapted to live in the pond. How do they breathe, eat, move around and protect themselves from predators? How do they interact with each other?


These sessions are perfect if you’re following “The Big Dip” Cornerstones topic, or if you’ll be investigating lifecycles, habitats, invertebrates or food chains. WWT offer an in-depth “How do animals live in a pond?” session for KS2, or a shorter “What lives in a pond?” session for foundation phase.


All of their other learning sessions are available in the summer term too. Search for minibeasts, hand-feed ducks, geese and swans, see the fabulous pink flamingos, and investigate how birds fly. All of their learning programmes can be delivered in English, Welsh or bilingually.


New for this term, their new big, bright red-crowned cranes will be arriving in mid-April, adding another exciting and iconic wetland species to see on your visit – don’t miss them!