Skipton Castle tours and visits

Written by: Elmtree Press

Starting school life can be quite intimidating but learning doesn’t need to mean boring. Visual learning can be so much fun and the children will learn so much more and quicker.  At Skipton Castle, so many school topics can originate here, not just history but geography, maths, and art – all in a happy, relaxed environment.

Let’s use our imaginations – who built the castle and why?  What was the advantage of the castle being built here in Skipton on a 40 metre rocky outcrop?  Where did the name ‘Skipton’ originate from and what does it mean? Who lived here, where did they get their food from, what did they eat?

Well, our knowledgeable tour guides can give you the answer to these and many other questions!

It's easy to book your tour - simply telephone 01756 792442 or email with your preferred date and time (it is always wise to have alternative dates) and then we will confirm in writing to you.

We require the school name, address, numbers in the group, the age of the students and the anticipated time of arrival.  Make a day of your visit, bring a picnic and under cover rooms are available for your use. When sending our confirmation, we will send other relevant information including a risk assessment.  A work sheet applicable to the age of the children will be enclosed for you to copy or develop your own from.  Visit our web site, for activities and useful information to help with your ground work.

Every school is welcome to come and experience learning out of the classroom putting a whole new meaning on lessons. Watch the expression on the children’s faces as they walk through the gateway and see this magnificent, complete castle – now they will understand what you have been telling them about.

To remind them of their visit, each one is given a castle badge and a card to encourage them to make a return visit and bring their families along.

As winter approaches, always ensure your students are prepared for the cold and damp weather- wrap up warm!
For more information check the website here