Sea Turtles arrive at the Deep!

Written by: Elmtree Press

The Deep is delighted to announce the safe arrival of two Loggerhead Sea Turtles and a male Zebra Shark.
These new arrivals have joined us from Aquatopia in Antwerp following the Belgium aquarium having to close its doors.
The Loggerhead turtles named Mabouche and Sansbecco are just over 1m in size. Mabouche is the youngest of the pair at 13 years old and weighs 40kg. Sansbecco is slightly older at 35 and weighs 80kg.
Both turtles are missing their lower jaws as a result of being caught on a long line in the Mediterranean, meaning they could never be released back into the wild as they wouldn’t be able to feed. Following a rehabilitation programme at a centre in Italy, they were homed at Aquatopia.
In addition to the turtles, we also welcomed Smoske, a Zebra shark measuring in at over 2 metres. Smoske is a mature male shark, who we hope will form a breeding pair with our existing female.
All three animals are currently in our quarantine facility and will remain there for approximately four weeks in order to acclimatise and undergo a full health check. During this time they will be off show to the public.
The Deep will announce when they are expected to be visible in the coming weeks.