School Trips at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Written by: Elmtree Press

The Cotswold Wildlife Park is a perfect place to bring your school trip to learn about science. Over the last five years, we have welcomed nearly 120,000 school children to enjoy the animals, the grounds, the adventure playground and the train.

This year we have worked hard to ensure that all of our talks fit in with the programme of study set by the National Curriculum at each Key Stage. Instead of using yet another classroom to teach children about animals and conservation, there is nothing better than using the animals and the zoo themselves to illustrate your point. From Science to Maths, English to Geography, Drama to Art; the zoo can teach and inspire the children and young people that visit.

By getting out and about in the Park, we can fill children with awe and excitement for animals and plants. Wildlife and Conservation becomes a real thing and with Ofsted encouraging learning outside the classroom, zoos can offer a unique opportunity to effectively bring the National Curriculum to life.

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