Puddles and Ponds at WWT Llanelli

Written by: Elmtree Press

The perfect venue for a school trip in the spring term for learners following topics such as “Flight Engineering”, “Wriggle and Crawl” and “Pitter Patter Puddle Play”, with specifically-linked sessions.

 Our “Pitter Patter Puddle Play” session sees foundation phase learners discovering pond creatures, feeding birds and using binoculars to watch ducks, geese and swans. They will learn about staying safe near water, and listen to a puppet story all about flamingos, before visiting our flock of over 70 bright pink Caribbean flamingos! We have special purpose-made clean water puddles for children to practice puddle jumping, and our water lab will be available for them to make the sound of rain by turning our giant rain stick, trying to make the water wheel spin, and watching the water flow down the bucket cascade.

If you are studying “Disaster Zone” or covering flooding as a topic, our “What happens to water?” session is perfect, with learners launching an investigation into what happens to water when it falls on different surfaces, then considering what can be done to reduce flooding, using our water lab as inspiration.

Our extremely popular pond dipping sessions will be available again from March onwards. Learners can catch a huge variety of pond creatures, including fish, great diving beetles and water spiders in our easily accessible raised ponds, then investigate and identify their catch and see the animals magnified hundreds of times on our TV digital microscope.

To book a visit, or to find out more, contact us today at, or 01554 741 087. If your school has 20% or more pupils, eligible for free school meals due to qualifying benefits, you may qualify for a free visit, subject to availability.

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