Nature walks, story trails and animal encounters at the beautiful Chestnut Centre

Written by: Elmtree Press

Treat your class to an exciting and educational day out at the Chestnut Centre, where they can meet amazing animals, learn fascinating facts and explore the breathtaking beauty of the Peak District National Park.


At the Chestnut Centre Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park, children can discover more about the plants and animals that share our planet.  Our educational visits are closely linked to the requirements of the national curriculum, with both guided and self-guided options available

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff ensure that your visit is stimulating, memorable and fun. The education programme is suitable for Early Years, KS1/2 or older students and can include story trails, informative and interactive nature walks or animal encounters, depending on your individual interests and requirements.


A 30-minute Owl Workshop is also available to schools and groups, where children can meet our tame barn owl Muckle and find out more about these fascinating birds.

On a tour of the centre they can say hello to great grey owls Malamute and Willow and their chicks. They can meet impressive giant otters Panambi, Manoki and Meamu, learning about the international captive breeding programme that is helping to conserve this wonderful species in the wild. 

There are plenty more animals to see, including fallow and sika deer, Asian short-clawed otters, North American river otters, Eurasian otters, Scottish wildcats, foxes, polecats, pine marten, harvest mice and 15 species of owls.

The Chestnut Centre is set in stunning scenery, featuring a deer meadow, woodland trails and a mountain stream, providing a wonderful natural setting for the children to discover and explore. 

Through meeting our animals and learning about the impact of man’s activities on Nature, children can build respect for the environment and learn valuable lessons about conservation and wildlife protection.

Teachers are welcome to discuss the aims and objectives of their visit with the educational team either before or during their free pre-school visit.

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