Museums for all in West Yorkshire

Written by: Elmtree Press

If you are looking for some inspiration this Winter in West Yorkshire then be amazed at the range of high-quality, informative and fun museums that are available. West Yorkshire is a great location to explore for educational visits, with a plenty of history and a mixture of vibrant locations full of culture, there is plenty to do in and around Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding towns. Here is a quick list of our favourite museums in the West Yorkshire area.

Eureka! The National Children’s Museum 

If you have a Key Stage 1 or 2 class that is in need of some inspiration then look no further than Eureka! A truly interactive experience for little fingers with big minds that covers six key curriculum themed areas, makes learning both exciting and unforgettable. There is something for all school parties that help promote the feeling of learning through enjoyment that will help to continue to inspire children once you’ve returned to the classroom

National Coal Mining Museum for England 

Coal mining is a key part of England’s economic history and the National Coal Mining Museum, located just outside of Wakefield, helps to bring a forgotten history of life in the mines to children of all ages. One of the key things that brings this museum to life is the first hand experience of riding the mining cage down 140 meters to experience first-hand what life was like down the mine. 

National Science and Media Museum 

In the centre of Bradford you can find the National Science and Media Museum, a hub of activity that can inspire creativity and inform about the science of photography, film and television. Inside, there are visual displays, interactive workshops and a 3D IMAX cinema to engage children of all ages into exploring the world of media that constantly surrounds them. 

Thackray Medical Museum 

What a range of things to explore at the Thackray Medical Museum! Just outside of Leeds city centre, the Thackray Medical Museum is housed inside a former Victorian workhouse providing the perfect backdrop for learning about Leeds and Yorkshire during the Victorian era and explore how modern medicine came about. 

No matter what your class age or curriculum there is something for all educational groups to enjoy in West Yorkshire this Winter. From uncovering the secret of England’s coal mining history, to investigate the science of the future in the realm of media - get inspired this winter!