'Moburn' Safari Park

    Hi All,? Here?s the latest news from ?Moburn? Safari Park this month! Keepers at Woburn Safari Park have signed up for Movember to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer and mental health issues. It is hoped that Ranger Bob and his team are able to grow lip foliage half as impressive as Mo the male Patas monkey. Mo sports a crumb catcher that Ron Burgundy would be proud of. Patas Monkeys are ground dwelling monkeys found in arid regions of East and West Africa. Males with superior facial fur tend to fare better with the opposite sex. Not necessarily the case with humans, but Movember is raising money for a good cause. At Woburn, the Patas monkeys can be found on the Road Safari in the African Jungle. Meet Max! He's the new boy at Sea Lion Beach and in keeping with Movember, he's sporting a very fine moustache! In the wild his whiskers would help him find his way around underwater in the dark and to locate prey.?Perhaps at 'Moburn Safari Park' he'll be using his 'tache to tantalise his four new female friends! Ranger Bob, no newcomer to lip luggage, commented: ?I doubt that we will even get close to Mo?s tantilising ?tache, but we are going to give it our all and raise as much money as possible.? max with moburn logo 2 reduced?? Mo Mo Monkey Follow the tache growing exploits of the Woburn keepers via the Woburn facebook page and support Movember, which raises awareness about men?s health issues and raises funds for research into prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health issues. All donations welcome - For more information on the California Sea Lions and Patas Monkeys at Woburn Safari Park please visit