Memorable encounters with amazing animals at New Forest Wildlife Park

Written by: Elmtree Press

Boost children’s fascination with wildlife at this fantastic park, where beautiful surroundings, adorable animals and knowledgeable and dedicated staff make for a stimulating educational visit. 

If they wish, schools can book a special Owl Workshop, where children can get up close to Hobbit the tame barn owl and learn interesting facts about different birds of prey.

They can explore the sights, sounds and smells of the forest in the park’s 25 acres of natural woodland, and learn about the habits and habitats of different European and endangered species. 

As well as giant otters, Canadian river otters, Eurasian and Asian short-clawed otters, the children can see lynx, European bison, wolves, foxes, badgers, wallabies, polecats, mouflon, pine martens, ferrets, hedgehogs, Scottish wildcat and several species of deer. They can find out how animals are adapted for their particular environments, about animal behaviour and what different animals eat, and how they cope with varying weather conditions.  

New Forest Wildlife Park takes part in international captive breeding programmes for endangered species, and rescues injured and abandoned animals from the wild, so children can learn valuable lessons about the things that threaten animals in their environments and the importance of conservation. 

School visits to the park are flexible, with both guided and self-guided options available, as well as a comprehensive Education Pack. Tours and information can be adapted to individual school’s requirements and to the curricula and interests of particular groups.  

Our experienced guides make sure that visits are both educational and fun, incorporating animal encounters and interesting facts with activities to keep the children stimulated and entertained. Most trips also include a visit to the park’s amazing adventure playground - an energetic and enjoyable highlight to a truly memorable day. 
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