Meet The Minibeasts - A New Workshop for 2016

Written by: Elmtree Press

New for 2016, Paultons Park is offering a brand new workshop giving children the chance to get up close and personal with a range of minibeasts. The new interactive workshop has been designed to meet National Curriculum objectives across Key Stage One and Key Stage Two through a study of invertebrates including cockroaches, stick insects and millipedes.

From habitats and adaptation to classification and evolution, this workshop uses a range of live bugs to inspire and intrigue children (and adults!) Worksheets are provided which offer further ideas for students once out in the Park. Taught by qualified teachers, this workshop is sure to bring learning to life as students are encouraged to look at some of the smallest creatures in the animal kingdom.

With over 60 rides and attractions, including a fascinating range of birds and animals, Paultons Park is the ideal venue for a fabulous school trip. For more details of our workshops, including a range of physics based sessions, please visit our website.

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