Making Learning Memorable at Eureka!

Written by: Elmtree Press

Here at Eureka! we have over 400 interactive exhibits across six galleries, all designed for children to learn about themselves and the world around them. A school trip here is a hands-on, fun-packed day that your pupils will never forget. We've got availability for the autumn term so book your class for a visit soon.

Read more about our award winning galleries on our website (if you can embed the link?)

Our popular schools workshops are a great way to ignite an appetite for knowledge. This autumn your students can investigate texture, taste and smell in our Food for Thought workshop or explore the icky side of the human body in the Gross Lab Science show.

And blasting off next year – our Destination Space workshops for KS1 & 2. Packed with hands-on experiments we’ll be exploring what it takes to launch a space mission and how the entire space crew of scientists, engineers, trainers and astronauts have a role to play.

Contact our Play & Learning team for more information or to book a visit on 01422 330012.For more information visit the website here