Let Your Wellies do the Walking at Leighton Hall

Written by: Elmtree Press

Planning a school trip with your pupils at this time of year can be hard work. Our wonderful British weather, muddy puddles and the thought of soggy sandwiches doesn’t help when trying to source that educational day out.  

The team at Leighton Hall, in Carnforth, Lancashire love wellies!

Muddy, excitable children are not hushed or steered away, in fact, quite the opposite.  Younger visitors are welcomed with open arms into this historic home.

Leighton Hall is not a stuffy house or museum, it is the lived in family home of the Gillow furniture making family. They still live there. The house has no roped off areas and children are encouraged to sit on the furniture, touch things and really get involved.

There’s a place to leave dirty wellies, child friendly guides and warm tearooms where your group can relax and eat their sandwiches.  
Three themed packages are all cross curriculum based and have time set aside for children to let off steam.  Discover the hungry caterpillar maze, follow the tree face trail and hunt for creepy crawlies in the wonderful woodland walk. Each visit can include a birds of prey flying display (weather permitting), at a small extra charge in the winter months.

Planning your visit is so easy with worksheets, teachers notes and risk assessments all ready to download FREE OF CHARGE from the website

Leighton is a fun, stimulating and educational day out and so much more than a History lesson.

6 things Wellies love

•    The Woodland Walk – perfect for running around letting off stream
•    The tree face trial treasure hunt
•    Looking for bugs and identifying creepy crawlies
•    Getting warm and dry under the radiator whilst their owners enjoy a house tour in their socks!
•    Exploring the hungry caterpillar maze.
•    Splashing in muddy puddles

For more details call 01524 734474 or visit