Leopard Cubs Born at Cotswold Wildlife Park

    Four Morelet?s Crocodiles hatched on 23rd August at Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens. Their parents are named Gomez and Morticia and the new hatchlings will be named after other members of the Addams Family. The Park is the only animal collection in the UK to succeed in breeding this rare species of Crocodile and this is the third clutch of eggs that have hatched.? This is one of the rarest of all the 14 crocodile species, so we are delighted to able to play such a key role in the captive breeding programme for such an endangered and beautiful animal! The baby Crocs go on show in the ?Croc Creche? from 9th September. Other deadly arrivals this year were three Wolverine cubs born in January and the Park ?is the only collection in Europe to have successfully breed these rapacious predators. ?Just eighty Wolverines are believed to exist in captivity worldwide, so these cubs are a very rare sight and the result of the Park?s European endangered species breeding programme. June 18th saw the birth of three Clouded Leopard cubs at the Park. These animals can be extremely tricky to breed in captivity, so they are particularly pleased. Although they aren?t actually on show to visitors a camera trap, set up discreetly in their outside enclosure offers visitors interesting nocturnal views of this beautiful and endangered animal. These cats are elusive both in the wild and in captivity and they feel the ?off show? system we have created is important to the captive breeding programme. The Park is also home to a number of deadly species of reptiles including Black Mamba and Puff Adders. During recent filming of CBBC Live and Deadly, Steve Backshall the presenter said ?You have got the biggest snake I?ve ever seen, and that is saying something!? . Their most recent deadly arrival is a shoal of Red Bellied Piranha to their newly refurbished Insect and Invertebrate House. Talks are available for?schools on a variety of topics including endangered species, conservation and reptiles to name a few. For more information contact their Education Co-ordinator on: 01993 825720 or For more details on bringing your school trip to the park please visit their main page