Forget The Batmobile, Meet the Monkey Mobile

    The Education Team at Monkey World ? Ape Rescue Centre, Wareham, were thrilled to receive their first ever Monkey Mobile this week, proudly sponsored by Westerly Dorchester! An important part of the ethos of Monkey World is education. The Education Team visit groups, schools, hold assemblies, conduct guided tours and talks at the park, and teach both children and adults about the rescue and rehabilitation work that they do at Monkey World and how everyone can help. ?With the new department going from strength to strength, it was time to consider investing in a vehicle so that the Education Team could spread the Monkey World message further afield. The staff at Westerly?Dorchester heard what they were trying to do and stepped in to help. Keen to be involved in the project, they generously agreed to sponsor a car and the aptly-named "Monkey Mobile" arrived this week in the form of a brand new BMW 1 series! Monkey-Mobile "It is a pleasure to be collaborating with such a good cause,? said Stuart Carter of Westerly Dorchester. "We wanted to put something back into the community by supporting Monkey World in educating?children and adults about the issues they face, both in the UK and worldwide. ?We are privileged to be taking part and helping to raise awareness in the process." The fully branded BMW ? complete with ape pictures ??was unveiled at the park?on Tuesday 4th June, much to the delight of the Monkey World staff and visitors present. "We have a duty and responsibility to educate the next generation and Westerly Dorchester have given us this fantastic car, which will now enable us to spread the Monkey World message across the length and breadth of the country," said?Shelley Fletcher, Operations Manager at Monkey World. "The Education Team are available to conduct presentations on any topic, as so much links to the work that we do at the park. ?For example, if schools are studying citizenship, children can relate to the social interactions of primates; difficult subjects such as bullying and friendships can also be tackled with ease, as many of our primates at the park have suffered and have had to overcome fear, isolation, abuse and loneliness. Even class discussions on healthy eating can be illustrated by a talk from our team using the dietary needs of our primates at the park. So the team are teaching much more than just the specific work that we do and feedback from schools and groups they've already visited has been fantastic." The Monkey Mobile has just made its first school visit to local school, Bovington Primary. ?The children had already received a presentation by the Monkey World Education Team and had been so inspired by the visit, that they decided to make up shoe boxes filled with gifts and treats for the primates for the parks? 'Shoe Box Appeal'. ?Much to their delight, the Education Team were presented with a staggering 55 shoeboxes, crammed?full of food items, socks and towels for the park's residents! For more information on Monkey World and details for school trips please see their main page: