It’s time to plan your school trips and retreat days!

Written by: Elmtree Press

Planning a year group retreat or discovery day? Many schools take their year groups off site for a retreat or ‘discovery’ day, whether as part of the PSHE curriculum or for a day of discussion, debate and learning on a particular theme. And most schools are already thinking towards their end of year school trips. Why not bring your school group to one of our centres? We offer large halls and meeting rooms of every size, catering for groups of between 5 and 450. All three of our centres are also near award-winning local attractions which have educational programmes for all types of student visits. Our rates are competitive and we will do our very best to provide for your group’s needs, whether for a residential or day event. Contact us for more information and tailor-made pricing on 0300 111 4444.

To find out more about the conference centres please use the links below to be taken to their main pages:

High Leigh, Hertfordshire
Belsey Bridge, East Anglia
The Hayes, Derbyshire

Our spring newsletter is out now and packed full of spring time school trip fun ideas.