Exploring rocks and geography underground in Nottingham

Written by: Elmtree Press

Did you know there are over 500 caves under the streets of Nottingham?

Visit the NCCL for a BRAND NEW KS2 learning activity: Nottingham Rocks.
Explore the historic caves under the streets of Nottingham in this active, captivating and engaging learning experience.

Nottingham Rocks is a brand new hands-on study session for Key Stage 2 pupils based at the City of Caves in Nottingham. The activity allows students to explore the man-made caves carved into Nottingham’s sandstone. Linked to the KS2 Geography curriculum, this workshop focuses on navigating the caves and using map skills to document findings. Pupils will also look at the formation of the sandstone and compare this with other rock types. Students will use real rock samples to identify the properties of different types of rock and how they fit into the rock cycle.

The session is interactive, encouraging students to explore the site and discover answers for themselves.

Topics covered include:

Locational knowledge, local history, geography,  caves, rocks, geology, uses of caves, earth science

To find out more or to book this workshop please call 0115 9939 811

We also deliver activities for KS1 and 3 pupils at the Caves.

3 reasons to book a visit with the National Centre for Citizenship and the Law at the City of Caves:

•    Our workshops are led by heritage education specialists, can be tailored to meet your needs and provide a suitable challenge to all

•    Sessions improve motivation, engagement and enthusiasm to learn

•    Students will be able to explore unique, stimulating and challenging environments in a safe and positive way which may otherwise be unavailable

Please visit to find out more.

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