Experience life in Ancient Britain as Celtic Harmony grows from Farmstead to Hill Fort!!

Written by: Elmtree Press

Your class can experience life in over 800,000 years of ancient Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age at Celtic Harmony Camp, the award winning Open Air Museum with authentically reconstructed Iron Age roundhouses. Set in acres of ancient woodland with ancient breed animals, this Iron Age Hill Fort is the perfect setting to learn ‘hands-on’ with activities based on experiential archaeology, living history and primitive skills.

With two existing roundhouses and five currently under construction, Celtic Harmony Camp is a prehistory hub of activity. Work has begun to grow the Iron Age Settlement into an Iron Age Hill Fort with a skilled education team of experts and volunteers using traditional techniques such as wattle and daub and thatching with water reed.

People in ancient Briton made pottery from locally dug clay, dying with native herbs and weaving the fleece from their sheep to make cloth and ‘coppicing’ trees grown in nearby woods to make wattle fencing.

‘Each of the five new roundhouses will be 6 metres in diameter and based on archaeological reports. Visitors will be able to participate in ‘hands-on’ activities from pottery to weaving with our costumed education team giving prehistory students the chance to experience first hand what life was like in ancient Britain.’ explains Luca Parrella Heritage Director.

Teachers can choose from a range of school trips covering 800,000 years of history from a Stone Age to an Iron Age Farmer or Warrior Day with all the activities closely linked to new topics of the National Curriculum such as ‘Iron Age hill forts, tribal kingdoms, early farming, art and culture.’

“It has involved everyone and given them all a hands-on experience which will help them to remember what they have learnt. The children have learnt a lot which will inspire class work!’ Jemma Thorne, Saffron Green School.

Over the last 12 months, Celtic Harmony Camp, the Iron Age Settlement near Hertford, has seen 11,000 visitors discover what life was like in ancient Britain.

Immerse your class in a multi sensory experience of ancient Britain and sign up to receive your free prehistory resource at or tel:01438 718543

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