Discover Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

Written by: Elmtree Press

Changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age

Your pupils can now become  Neolithic Hunter Gatherers, learning primitive skills in our natural woodlands. At our award winning Celtic Harmony Camp, your pupils will experience a range of exciting activities in various stimulating settings including;
•    Introduction in the ‘new’ stone age encampment,
•    Friction fire lighting and Flintknapping talk and display,
•    Den building in the woods,
•    Soap Knapping (similar technique to flint knapping!),
•    Hunting and gathering in the forest,
•    Traditional trade and barter.

We have 15 years’ experience in hands on learning outside the classroom at our Iron Age settlement near Hertford.
“All the children were included (even our special needs children).  It has increased the children’s appreciation of the natural world most definitely, adults included. It was nice for the adults to work with different children also. It has given us some ideas to follow up at school.” Safia Clunis, Dollis Junior School – 15-9-2014.

Since 1998 we have been offering classes the chance to experience life in ancient Britain and are acknowledged experts in heritage education.

Celtic Harmony provide opportunities for the youngest children to learn outside the classroom, and themed Stone Age to Iron Age activity days. Visit our website and read how:

“I was thoroughly impressed by the venue and sessions on offer at Celtic Harmony. The site has been sensitively and traditionally developed to represent a Celtic establishment. Sessions have been very well designed to engage your people and teach them about Celtic traditions.” – Teresa Thorp, Learning Outside the Classroom Inspector.

For more information on Celtic Harmony please visit their main page here