Detective for a Day at Leighton Hall

Written by: Elmtree Press

After a long wet winter, we are well into spring and our children want to go out exploring all that is new this season. They love discovering new things: the first shoots of spring, lambs and pretty flowers.
At Leighton Hall, your school trip can play detective for the day. Leighton Hall has places to explore, mysteries to reveal and secrets to divulge.

School trips are welcome all year round to discover why there is a still a lock of James II’s hair in the Drawing Room, how one former owner found himself in prison and what is meant by “tickling the moose”.

Investigate Leighton’s three themed packages and see how history comes to life for your pupils. They’ll see what life was like for Victorian children above and below stairs and who ate battered rats for tea! They are encouraged to touch the antique gadgets, have a go at role play and really get involved. Some children even come dressed up for the day! They can even interrogate our informative and entertaining guides and explore acres of private gardens.

Descendants of the Gillow family still live in the hall and during your visit, you’ll be allowed to sit on the furniture and really get involved. Perfect for younger visitors, Leighton is a place where everyone can relax; there are no roped off areas, and it’s not often you’re asked not to touch!

With cross-curriculum activities, a visit to Leighton Hall can continue your classroom learning of geography, history, literacy and science. After playing detective, discovering Leighton’s hidden secrets and learning about the mysteries of the house and grounds, children are treated to a free falconry display (weather permitting May to September).

For a stimulating, exciting and educational day for them and a safe, straightforward and relaxing trip for you, come to Leighton Hall and see for yourself how we used to live.

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