Day Packages at Llancaiach Fawr Manor

Written by: Elmtree Press

This superbly restored gentry manor house is no ordinary heritage attraction.  History here is tangible. The costumed servants of the house are living and working in 1645 and allow you to share and engage in their world. Fires crackle, candles flicker and the sounds and smells of domestic life make your visit a memorable experience of the past. It takes a moment to attune your ear to the unfamiliar speech within the Manor itself, but within seconds of your warm welcome you become immersed in the time of the Civil Wars and the cares and concerns of ordinary people living in extraordinary times.

Tours of the Manor House last one and a half hours and start at 10am, 11.30am and 1.30pm each day.  The Manor House has three floors and we usually limit numbers to approximately 35 per floor.  In each tour time slot we can take up to 100 children in total by splitting them into 3, starting each group on a different floor and progressively moving them around the House

To supplement the general presentation and themes in the Manor House we also offer Workshop Sessions by a member of our Education Team on a wide variety of themes.
Tour of the Manor and use of Visitor Centre services costs £6.00 per child. There is also an additional charge of 25p per child if you wish for plague bags to made on the day. This is to cover the cost of materials.  Workshops can be arranged for an extra £2 per child per session. Day Packages which include a tour of the manor, plague bag and three workshops cost £10 per student.

We normally admit one adult free of charge per 10 children for supervision purposes.  Extra assistants for children who require 1:1 care or have special needs are also admitted free of charge.

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