Cheddar Gorge prepares to stage Festival of Climbing and Caving

    Cheddar Gorge, in Somerset, is set to host a Festival of Climbing and Caving from September 1st to September 8th - with an opening ceremony on Friday, August 30th, featuring the newly formed Rock Arrows. Their descent in red, white and blue, will coincide with the unfurling of a banner on the rock-climbing cliff face, and an explosion of flares to help set the mood of the Festival by ?shining a light? on the extreme activities currently on offer in the Gorge. Climbing-Festival-Outside The week will then be dedicated to celebrating all things adventurous in the world famous Gorge, and will give visitors of all ages and ability the opportunity to try their hands at rock climbing, abseiling and caving. ?Rock sports involving climbing and caving is an exciting and growing activity in the UK,? says Cheddar Gorge?s X-Treme team leader, Paul Ballantyne.? ?Climbing walls are cropping up everywhere now, but what we have here in Cheddar Gorge are some of the best natural facilities you could possibly find in the UK, and all within one of the world?s finest natural settings.? While ?Queue & Do? sessions will be available on the climbing wall from September 2nd-6th, visitors will also be encouraged to ?Go & Glow? on caving sessions.? The newest activity introduced to Cheddar Gorge in time for the summer school holidays - Cave abseiling in Gough?s Cave ?Black Cat Chamber? - meanwhile, will be given a special twist throughout the week, with dramatic lighting effects illuminating abseils Head of Operations and Marketing at Cheddar Gorge and Caves, Maureen McAllister, explains: ?This is all part of our efforts to highlight Cheddar Gorge as a recognised centre for extreme activities, where people of all ages and ability, can enjoy taster sessions and then come back for further instruction under trained supervisors. The Festival of Climbing and Caving is set to become one of the highlights of our annual calendar.? All of the extreme activities listed on the Cheddar Gorge website, will be available throughout the Festival on a 2-for-1 basis.? For further details on Cheddar Gorge X-Treme visit