CAT : Changing Futures During British Science Week

Written by: Elmtree Press

Changing futures at CAT during British Science Week 2017

With British Science Week 2017 fast approaching the education department at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) are very excited to announce their three day programme of talks, tours and activities based on “Changing Futures”.

Tailored to suit individual visiting school/college groups, the interactive programme will encourage discussion and critical thinking that respond to issues relating to climate change. Pupils will come away with a solutions focused approach having engaged with the impacts and issues around local and global climate change. They will also explore what the UK could do to reduce carbon emissions, the potential of reducing energy use, renewable energy, changes in consumption, the various impacts of food choices, building design and materials and many other topics related to individual and society choices.

These interactive workshops will be delivered at an appropriate level depending on age and background understanding.

Event date: 14 March 10:00-14:00

Event date: 15 March 10:00-14:00

Event date: 16 March 10:00-14:00


Please contact Gabrielle Ashton at CAT for more info, prices and booking.

Gabrielle Ashton
Education Administrator / Gweinyddwres Addysg
01654 705983