35 Fun-Filled Day Out Ideas For Young Children -A guest blog by Busy Bees

Written by: Elmtree Press

 35 Fun-Filled Day Out Ideas For Young Children

These tips have been put together by nursery staff and parents at Busy Bees

Schools term may have just started, but the half term is fast approaching which means the pressure is back on to entertain! However, there’s no need to spend a fortune on days out as there are numerous free and inexpensive activities to take advantage of this half term. Here are 35 fun-filled day out ideas picked by parents of children at Busy Bees preschool in Thames Ditton, to last year-round.

The Animal Kingdom
Children are fascinated by animals and why they are so different from us. Take the children on a trip to a zoo near you to feed their curiosity and teach them all about the world around them. Here are the top four family favourite zoos;

1. Amazona Zoo
Home to over 200 animals from tropical South America. From jaguars and monkeys, to otters, snakes owls, macaws and tapirs.

2. Marwell Zoo
With over 140 acres of Hampshire parkland to explore, you’ll find an incredible range of exotic and endangered species.

3. ZSL London Zoo
London Zoo houses a collection of 698 species of animals, with 20,166 individuals, making it one of the largest collections in the United Kingdom. The zoo is also called Regent's Zoo.

4. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo
ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is the UK's largest zoo and one of Europe's largest wildlife conservation parks. It is home to 3,873 animals, many of which are endangered in the wild.

Free Outdoor Activities
If the kids are itching to get outside, or if you would rather they are out exploring instead of being sat in front of the TV, here are some great free outdoor activities:
5 Parks and Playgrounds
Enjoy some healthy fun at your local park and release some energy at the playground.

6. Camp Out under the Stars
Make the most of a clear evening and camp out in the garden, tell stories and star gaze.

7. Woodland Trust Nature Detectives
With magic wands, scavenger hunts, blindfolded exploring and wildlife tracking it’s a perfect day out to explore the nature all around you.

8. Cycling
Children love cycling! Enjoying the freedom and independence to explore, so get the bikes out and have an adventure.

9. Garden Treasure Hunt
Grab a few packs of sweets, little toys and put some clues on a treasure map. You can bury treasure around the garden, under the doormat, in the flower beds, hung on tree branches, under the garden gnome all for the kids to find.

10. Explore Castles
Kids go free with English Heritage; there are so many amazing moments of history in all the castles within the UK to learn about and play amongst the ruins.

11. Do A Little Gardening
They’ll enjoy digging, finding the worms and bugs beneath the soil as well as getting their hands dirty and planting seeds or small plants.

The Seaside
Summer may be over, but there are still tonnes of activities at and near to the beach, such as: arcades, piers and amusement stands. Explore some of the most beautiful beaches near you. If you are looking for some sun and soft sand then head down south this half term to Cornwall and Dorset.

12. Scarborough, North Yorkshire
The Queen of the East Coast is a great family day out. From funfairs to donkeys, Scarborough has it all!

13. Jurassic Coast, Dorset
Join in the fossil hunting and see what you can discover in the sand. Whilst you’re there visit the Jurassic Skyline on the edge of the coast where there’s an observation tower giving you the opportunity to see breath-taking views.


Visiting museums is an ideal opportunity to inspire your child’s curiosity and learn something new. Luckily, the UK plays host to an array of free museums to explore, from science to natural history museums and here are a list of popular ones that the children will love:

14. National History Museum, London

With a vast amount to offer the museum is a must see and home to over 80 million natural history specimens to discover.

15. Beamish Museum, Co. Durham

Children experience everyday life in the past from riding on a Georgian steam engine and life in an Edwardian town to the taste of baking in a 1940’s farm.

16. Thackray Museum, Leeds

Experience the grim reality of life in the 19th surgery.  Discover surgery before anaesthetics and antibiotics and explore scientific advances in medicine

17. The British Motor Museum

The Museum hosts the World's largest collection of historic British cars. With over 300 classic cars on display in Warwickshire, free tours and interactive family activities.

18. The Fashion Museum, Bath

There are more than 100 figures and fashion objects on display and there is also an area for children to try on Victorian and Georgian outfits

Get Creative At Home
Getting creative doesn’t need to be costly; your child’s powerful imagination is really their only limit. There are several things you can do to get crafty as a family and nurture your child’s creative spirit with these fun ideas:

19. Get Baking
We all know children love a sweet treat or two so get baking those cupcakes, muffins, biscuits and be imaginative.

20. Watch Movies All Day
Dedicate an entire day and create a home cinema with a great film, nibbles and of course the popcorn.

21. Create a Watercolour Masterpiece
Painting is a wonderful learning experience for kids and a chance to express themselves with colour. They can use whatever tool they have whether that’s finger painting, paint brushes or rollers.

22. Make a Den
Using sheets, blankets, maybe a few tatty or unused pieces of clothing draped over chairs and tables to make an indoor den filled with cushions, books, toys and snacks too.

23. Put on a Puppet Show
Puppets allow children to develop creativity, firstly in the making of them and then in the playing and storytelling.

24. Get out The Board Games
A perfect opportunity for a challenge and bringing all the members of the family together. Dig out all your old board games or get a deck of cards and play some family card games.

25. Make a Kite
Have hours of fun playing and looking up at vibrant, colourful kites in the sky on a clear day.

26. Build a Piñata
A great way to get the kids involved in preparation for a birthday parties with all sorts of piñata animals filled with their favourite sweets and decorated with their favourite colours.

27. Paper Plate Frisbees
A fun project that can be tested in the garden or at the park and enjoyed with a good competition to see whose goes the farthest.

28. Papier-Mache Masks
Let the kids do the story telling and create playful characters and animals.

29. Picnic with the Pets.
Gather up Fido and a basket of sarnies and head off to the forest

Kellogg’s Cereal Voucher Codes
How many boxes of cereal do you pick up a week? Take advantage of Kellogg’s Grown-Ups Go FREE vouchers and indulge the family in a thrilling day of excitement. Check out the attractions below for a fun-filled day out:

30. Blackpool Tower Attractions

The Blackpool Tower has something for all ages, whether you are on a day trip or a family holiday.

31. Madame Tussauds

A brilliant day out to see the stars and rub shoulders with famous celebrities and historic icons at one of Blackpool’s favourite attractions.

32. Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

See the home of one of Europe’s largest collections of global marine life in all its glory.

33. York Dungeon

Let the stories of the city’s dark history come to life with the amazing special effects and staging guaranteed to entertain.

34. Skipton Castle

Allow the children to enjoy the best preserved and most complete medieval castle and discover its fascinating history.  

35. Lightwater Valley Theme Park

Full of thrilling rides there’s something special about Lightwater Valley; it’s packed full of excitement and surprise!