‘Meet the Mayas – The Original Chocolatiers’ at York's Chocolate Story

Written by: Elmtree Press

A new educational workshop is set to launch on November 1st at York’s Chocolate Story with a unique look into a mysterious ancient civilization to whom chocolate was an integral part of life. 

The Maya civilization is a fascinating example of an ancient, non-European society that provides interesting contrasts with British History. Aimed at upper Key Stage 2 students, the new workshop will combine key curriculum links such as history, maths, design & technology and geography through fun chocolate-themed practical activities.

Students will have the opportunity to create their own Xocolat (ancient Maya delicacy) drink using traditional methods and ingredients while learning about the vital role that cocoa played in Maya society over a thousand years ago. This included using cocoa beans as a form of currency! A single cocoa bean might buy you a large tomato, an avocado or 5 chilies. Even the sophisticated Maya number system included cocoa shells. Using a translation key, students will learn how to make calculations used by the Maya in trade, mathematics and even astronomy.

The new workshop will also explore the Maya way of life. How their society lived in urban settlements created around a temple and how they made significant advancements in architecture, language and agriculture as well as a study of the Maya civilization geographically, exploring locations in central and South America.

To make a booking for your educational group please contact York's Chocolate Story directly by emailing or by telephoning the booking line on 08450706255.