Viking Theme Day At CONKERS, In The Heart Of The National Forest Wednesday 13th March - Thursday 14th March

Our Viking Days Live like a Viking. Children explore the roles and tasks of the different members of the Viking family and compare this to their own families. They discover what family life was like. Viking Beliefs. Come and listen to a traditional Viking Saga. Children discover why storytelling was a very important part of Viking culture: stories of brave Vikings, and of the many gods and how they are worshipped. A Viking Voyage. Why did the Vikings take to the seas and make such far journeys? Where did they go and how did they know where they were? The children take up the oars and explore life on board. Viking Raiders. Do you have what it takes to be a Viking Raider? Learn about Viking battle tactics, weapons, and what made them really go berserk! Viking Traders. What makes a market a market? And how is money being used? At the market, children explore the different food and goods for sale and re-enact the trading process. Viking Clothing. When Winter is 'Looming', make sure you've got the skills to create warm and comfortable clothes.

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    New Viking, Roman and Stone Age Heritage Education Days at CONKERS 2019  

    CONKERS is offering KS2 children the opportunity to learn more about the Romans, Vikings and Stone Age through a range of interactive workshops. We are proud to be working with the Yeo Theatre Company and are extremely excited to be able to offer a mix of theme days and dates for you to choose from in March 2019. Book early to avoid disappointment!!

    There are five dates to choose from in March 2019

    • Romans 6th / 7th March  
    • Viking 13th / 14th March 
    • Stone Age 20th / 21st March

    We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your class to CONKERS soon for your Viking or Roman or Stone Age Heritage Theme Day. Feedback from previous years has told us that many teachers like to prepare their class for an educational visit to CONKERS, because, the children get so much more out of the day if they have touched on the topics in class beforehand. So here is a brief description of the workshops your class will be enjoying in a few weeks’ time when they visit CONKERS.

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    £9.00 per child

    Opening Times

    10.00am to 2.30pm


    Rawdon Road Moira, DE12 6GA

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