STEMFest 2022: Project O.C.N.

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STEMFest 2022: Project O.C.N.

October 10, 2022 12:00 am to October 21, 2022 12:00 am

As part of this international effort, the OCT is proud to launch Project O.C.N. – an international, multi-stage programme of events and activity designed to support student and teacher engagement with the topic of climate change through the lens of Ocean Literacy. The journey begins with STEMFest 2022:

Dates & times:

Key Stage 2 STEMFest: 10th – 14th October (10:00 – 14:15)

Key Stage 3 STEMFest: 17th – 21st October (10:00 – 14:15)


£8 per student (also includes access to Project O.C.N. – Beyond STEMFest activities)

Teachers and 1:1 support free within 1:7 ratio

Payment by invoice after attendance

Those attending on the day can expect the following:

·        A day packed full of cross-curricular links, bringing in elements of the Science, maths, geography, art, drama, and citizenship curriculums

·        3x 25-minute STEM workshops delivered within key exhibit areas of the NMA, with our scientists to investigate what is driving climate change, who it’s affecting and how.

·        1x 90-minute expressive arts workshop with the Barbican Theatre team to explore their own forms of creative expression, and find their voice on the Ocean-Climate Nexus

·        See the fully equipped ‘Lancer’, complete with GPS and SST monitoring equipment, and understand the technology being used to gather this critical environmental science dataset before she is launched in November

Project O.C.N. – Beyond STEMFest:

Following STEMFest 2022, in November will be launching an unmanned research vessel named Lancer,  equipped with GPS positioning and sea surface temperature monitoring technology, off the coast of North Africa. From here it will be carried across the Atlantic on the Easterly trade winds, sending daily sea temperature recordings to our website, on its way to the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Upon arrival Lancer will deliver messages of Ocean Optimism from British schools and students to their contemporaries in the US, launching transatlantic school partnerships and paving the way for the Transatlantic Ocean-Climate Nexus Conference in March 2023 – a multi-disciplinary coming together of young voices from both sides of the Atlantic, to celebrate and support students’ scientific understanding, thoughts and feelings around the Ocean.

For those wishing to continue with Project O.C.N. beyond STEMFest 2022:

·        Free access to all live datasets from the Lancer, and supporting resources for use in the classroom

·        Free access to two live digital CPD seminars on data interpretation in the classroom (dates to be confirmed)

·        Follow-up support from our US partners to digitally twin with an equivalent key stage school in the US, share experiences and understandings of climate change across the Ocean.

·        Ongoing support from the NMA and our partners to develop artistic installations and/or performance pieces suitable for sharing at the upcoming ‘Student Ocean-Climate Nexus Conference’ in March 2023

·        Free invitation to participate in the ‘Student Ocean-Climate Nexus Conference’ at the National Marine Aquarium in March 2023








Opening Hours

National Marine Aquarium
Rope Walk, Coxside, Plymouth, PL4 0LF

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