First World War Centenary Experience Tuesday 9th October - Thursday 15th November

An opportunity for pupils to learn about and comemorate the centenary of the end of The First World War, with the help of costumed interpreters and real and replica artefacts.

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    2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of First World War.

    This session, led by costumed interpreters from Time Bandits, gives pupils a hands-on experience to find out what life was like in 1918. Activities include taking part in drills, reading diaries and composing wartime poetry, sampling war time food, and comparing life at home to that in the trenches. The extensive object handling collection available for children to use includes uniform, trench art, letters home, and de-activated weapons.

    Sessions are available in Rothbury and at The Sill. As part of the Rothbury session, pupils will have the opportunity to take a walk up to the practise trenches used by the army for training during the war. As part of The Sill session, pupils will have the opportunity to walk up to Hadrian’s Wall, to learn about defensive practise in the landscape.

    Pricing Information

    £100 for up to 30 pupils. £180 for 30 – 60 pupils.

    Opening Times

    approx. 10am – 3pm depending on travel time from school.


    The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre Bardon Mill Hexham , NE47 7AN

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