Coding at The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre Monday 24th September - Friday 28th September

Our Digital Landscapes schools programme offers students the opportunity to take part in digital workshops, led by staff from Electro Cat Studios, which combine computing skills with other subjects such as history, geography, and maths.

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    Digital Landscapes is an innovative exhibition and events programme showcasing how digital technology can be used to help gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of landscape and the natural world.

    There are two full day sessions available:

    Minecraft Milecastle (KS2)

    The first part of the day will introduce students to a Minecraft milecastle, and talk about some of the materials used in the creation of milecastles along Hadrian’s Wall. Students will then create a milecastle using Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi. This activity encourages creativity and an appreciation of engineering as well as providing a new perspective on the existing constructions that can still be seen around Northumberland. Using a platform many participants will be familiar with (Minecraft) they are encouraged to experiment and then talk about the designs they have implemented.

    The second part of the day will involve a guided walk from The Sill up to Hadrian’s Wall, to see the wall in the landscape and learn about how and why it was constructed.

    Defending a Hill Fort (KS2 and 3)

    In the first part of the day, participants will use Python (including a brief introduction to the programming language) to help defend an Iron Age Hill Fort from attack. Commands available include being able to strengthen the walls, build moats or arm defenders with a variety of weapons in a historically accurate representation of an ancient arms race.

    The second part of the day will involve a more detailed look at pre history, specifically the pre historic site at Lordenshaws, using aerial maps, 3D images, and other digital technology.

    Pricing Information

    £185 per class of 30

    Opening Times

    approx. 10 am 2.30 pm depending on travel time from school


    The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre Bardon Mill Hexham, NE47 7AN

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