October Half Term: Fireworks & Fairgrounds at Winchester Science Centre! Friday 19th October - Monday 5th November

Explore the fascinating world of fireworks! What makes them so colourful? Why are they so noisy? How are they all so different? Join the team at Winchester Science Centre to find out!

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    Dive into the fantastic world of fireworks this half term at Winchester Science Centre!

    Half Term Activities

    • What gives fireworks their different colours? Why do they go whizz and bang? Come along to our explosive live science show running at 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and 14:00 to find out!
    • Children can get creative in the Invention Studio to create their own fairground rides using our recycled materials and electric components.
    • Our Inspirers will be offering busking activities including a VR rollercoaster, spectacular spectroscopy (or light table which is less of a mouthful) and creating fire from ice.

    For further information about everything we offer here, visit our Plan Your Visit page.

    Planetarium Shows

    Make your visit extra special with a visit to our planetarium - savings are available for those who book General Admission and planetarium tickets in the same transaction. Click here for the full programme of live, presenter-led shows and 360° fulldome films!

    On offer over half term (24th-28th Oct; 31 Oct - 4 Nov) is an exciting, brand new type of family planetarium show that perfectly combines live theatre with the immersive 360˚ fulldome visual experience. You Are Here! is a 30-minute show is designed for children and their families. Be inspired to look up at the night sky and it could be the start of a lifelong adventure...

    Pricing Information

    General admission fees apply: £11 per person (planetarium tickets sold separately)

    Opening Times

    10:00 - 17:00


    Telegraph Way, SO21 1HZ

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