What's on in May

Written by: Elmtree Press

There are lots of great places to take your students for an unforgettable trip in May. From Festivals to re-enactments, we’ve got the lot!  Here are 9 of the best.

1                  History comes to life at the Yorkshire Air Museum on 13th- 14th May with the Elvington at War Weekend – a celebration of the skill and courage of pilots and aircrew during the War. You can join in by dressing up in period uniform or civilian clothing too!

2                 Journey back to the 15th Century during the Wars of the Roses at Skipton Castle with a re-creation of a medieval campsite within the castle grounds. See the garrison demonstrate their arms and armour over the weekend of 27th – 29th May

3                 Join Roves Farm in May & June to experience and learn about growth, change, food & seasons. Plant your own seeds to take back to school and watch them grow. Visit their vegetable patch as it begins a new season. Meet the animals and explore the farm with activities focused around your chosen topics.

4                There’s lots of Melon Madness at Monkey World from 29th April to the 1st of May and the 27th to 29th May.  Every child who arrives with a melon for the primates, will receive a free Monkey World badge.

5                It is conservation week at Trentham Monkey Forest (May 2nd – 7th) where you can learn all about the Barbary Macaques. Over 600 Barbary macaques (from their sister parks) have already been successfully re-introduced into their natural habitat in the Atlas Mountain in Morocco, this is the long term goal for their parks.

6                There is History through a Lens at the Victoria Art Gallery up until 10th May. The show focuses on single iconic images and their power, profiling over 60 photographs that have changed public perception of world events. They have been selected from a collection that specialises in photojournalism and documentary photography.

7                 It’s time to get excited for some new arrivals! A whole host of spectacular, larger-than-life, animatronic bugs are taking over Longleat Park. Come face to face (or eye to antennae) with humongous creepy crawlies and gain a brand-new perspective on some bizarre but fascinating creatures. These huge animatronics will make you feel like you’ve entered a hidden animal kingdom where ladybirds crawl, spiders scuttle and bees buzz.

8                There are fun and thrill galore to be had at Lightwater Valley Theme Park. From Mini Adventures for tiny guests (1 to 5 years) through Mega Adventures for junior thrill seekers (ages 5 to 9 years) right through to Ultimate Adventures for anyone over 1.2m and 9 years with the nerves to face up to the challenge! Lightwater Valley is a full day adventure for the whole family; they offer great value for money, with a pay once and ride all day entrance and you'll even find FREE pa

9                 At Bristol Museum’s Blaise Castle House Museum, Years 1-2 can find out why are there giant footprints, a huge bath and even a stone chair carved into the cliffs of Blaise Castle Estate. Discover the story of how Bristol’s landscape was changed by two giants in this active outdoor learning session in the beautiful grounds of Blaise Estate from 11 May - 21 July