The Centre for Alternative Technology opens its new Quarry Trail!

Written by: Elmtree Press

This autumn the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) was excited to announce the opening of their brand new Quarry Trail.

As an environmental education charity that researches and promotes sustainable living the Quarry Trail is an exciting addition to CAT’s Visitor Centre and educational programme. The Trail opens up never-before-seen areas of CAT’s woodland and wider site and allows visitors to gain a better understanding of the impact that they have on the environment and how the creation of landscapes can actively benefit nature.

Climbing up through managed broadleaf woodland visitors and school groups exploring the Quarry Trail will discover spectacular views into an old slate quarry and panoramic sights over the Snowdonia National Park. As the trails take you up through a Moorland Heath Area, a Wildflower Meadow, a Reservoir and a Willow and Hazel Coppice you will learn about woodland management and the importance of protecting diverse habitats. Don’t forget to listen out for woodpeckers, tawny owls and dormice along the way.

CAT’s CEO Adrian Ramsay said:

“The new trail will bring people closer to nature and local heritage, illustrating the impact that humans have had on biodiversity, and helping visitors understand how we create landscapes that actively benefit nature. I’m really looking forward to seeing people exploring and enjoying the trails.”

Whether you are visiting for the day or staying as a residential school group the Quarry Trail extends CAT’s interactive site into three different trails (short, medium and long) that all boast unique natural features, highlighting CAT as a living laboratory. A tour of the trails is an excellent addition to one of the other fun and stimulating workshops that CAT’s education centre has to offer.

From nursery to KS5 and Further Education, CAT’s dedicated education department offers tuition sessions, workshops, guided tours and residential visits adaptable to a school’s specific subject needs. All of CAT’s workshops address sustainability across the curriculum and many include issues related to global citizenship. Specific curriculum links can be made to Design and Technology, Science, Geography and Citizenship and they can also support Personal and Social Education. Most of these workshops can also be adapted for individual or groups of teachers.

“Students being able to see technology working is an experience no classroom can stimulate” said a visiting key stage 5 teacher.

During a day visit to CAT you can learn more about renewable energy, explore sustainable buildings and experience being close to nature in the organic gardens but visiting groups can also extend their stay and book a residential visit, staying in the purpose built Eco Cabins. Well insulated and central heated the Eco Cabins can accommodate groups who will have the unique opportunity to monitor the energy inputs and outputs within each cabin.

With over 7 acres of hands-on displays and gardens and with over 40 years of experience in sustainability practice, CAT inspires thousands of visitors every year.

If you would like further information about visiting CAT please contact the Education Department on 01654 705983 or email: