Skegness Seal Sanctuary Rescues A Porpoise

    Skegness Natureland Porpoise Rescue

    A juvenile harbour porpoise that was left high and dry on a beach near Skegness has been rescued and successfully released by the local seal sanctuary. Staff at Natureland,? Skegness?Seal Sanctuary were alerted to the stranded porpoise by a phone call on Saturday morning (30th Dec) and immediately sent a rescue team out to Wolla Bank, Chapel St. Leonards, about 8 miles from Skegness. A member of the public out for a walk had found the porpoise on the beach and had carried it down to a shallow creek to keep it wet. (see pic 1) The rescue team from Natureland decided, that as the animal seemed to be in good health, they would try an immediate release but when they waded out into the sea and let it go the porpoise got caught by the strong tidal current and was washed ashore again.(see pic 2) The porpoise was then taken back to the? Skegness Seal Sanctuary and given a temporary home in one of the seal pools. (see pic 3). Duncan Yeadon (Natureland director) said "After 24hrs rest and recuperation it was looking good and we decided to attempt another release. Fortunately the Skegness RNLI inshore lifeboat was out on a practice exercise and kindly agreed to help. (pic 4)The porpoise was carefully loaded onto the boat and taken about 1.5 miles out to sea where it was gently lowered over the side and released." To find out more about Skegness Seal Sanctuary, click here.