It’s all going on at Natureland, Skegness!

Written by: Elmtree Press

A very special announcement to start with…

On Thursday 28th of June, Pixie, one of Natureland’s resident Harbour seals, gave birth to a healthy pup!

Pixie decided to put the staff at Natureland into a state of mild panic by going into labour a week earlier than expected! It was all hands on deck, trying to get the pool set up with barriers and ramps, and getting Pixie separated from the others was easier said than done (mothers are separated from the rest of the group for privacy and the pup’s safety).

Fortunately Pixie finally moved into the birthing area, where she successfully gave birth to a healthy, happy little male pup! He appears to be doing incredibly well, and has been doing plenty of suckling and swimming, however still has a long way to go, so Pixie and the Natureland staff are all keeping a very careful eye on him!

A happy ending is approaching for one of Natureland’s rescued Grey seals, who had a very tough start to life!

Earth was rescued on the 23rd May in a very sorry state, with fishing net wrapped around her neck. The netting was so tight that it had sliced a 2 inch deep wound into her, which circled the majority of her neck. It was badly infected, and had she been trapped for much longer, Earth certainly wouldn’t have survived.

Fortunately for Earth, Natureland’s hospital staff were able to cut the netting off her and thoroughly clean the wound, and it has now healed incredibly well! She is gaining lots of weight, and it won’t be long until she can be released back into The Wash!

There are many more similar cases like Earth that Natureland and other animal rescue centres across the world have to deal with every single day. Please remember to dispose of your waste responsibly, recycle when you can, and avoid littering at all costs, as it could cost an animal more than a neck wound.

The Seal Hospital has its first resident for this rescue season! A young male harbour seal, only a couple of days old, is receiving lots of care from Natureland’s hospital staff, where it will gain lots of weight, learn to feed itself in the water, and then be released back into the wild where it can have a second chance at life in the wild!

In other news, Natureland’s leopard geckos and scorpions have had their homes updated! A complete overhaul for these two exhibits has taken place, and the animals seem very happy with the new layouts!