Inspiration & Education at National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Written by: Elmtree Press

The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham is dedicated to inspiring and educating children, offering a host of exciting and informative programmes specifically tailored to support their learning and development. 

It is the perfect place for school trips of all ages to explore, learn and discover more about the underwater world and guarantees to excite the senses as children get to see, hear and even touch some of the fascinating marine creatures.

They are encouraged to dive into a magical world, filled with a dazzling array of amazing creatures. From face-to-face encounters with sharks to a hands-on rockpool experience, there’s plenty to enjoy and just as much to learn.

With a spectacular 360-degree ocean tunnel providing a walk under the waves and hundreds of exciting and colourful creatures to meet, a school trip to The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham makes education fun and is an ideal school trip.

Interaction is key and for those little explorers aged between three and five, an Early Years Programme guarantees to provide a very first insight into the deep sea.

Two packages are available for this age group: The Starfish and The Ray.  Both options treat children to a feeding demonstration and encourages them to get interactive with a starfish or crab in the rockpool. Youngsters can also take part in an exciting quiz trail and all visitors receive a Sea Life expert certificate at the end of their visit.

In addition, The Ray package provides a fascinating Discovery Tour – a 45-minute journey around the aquarium, led by a marine expert. School trips can even be tailored to focus on specific creatures or topics.

An informative, self-guided learning pack is included in every Early Years and Primary School trip. The fantastic learning resource provides structure to the day and encourages plenty of exciting post-trip activity.

For slightly older children, aged between six and 11, The Turtle or The Crab packages are more appropriate. They introduce pupils to a range of scientific topics, encouraging passion and interest in marine life and the natural world.

The programmes have been specifically designed to support core elements of the National Curriculum for Key Stages One and Two. Feeding demonstrations are included, as well as the interactive rockpool experience, a quiz trail, a Sea Life expert certificate and the option of adding on the exciting Discovery Tour for The Crab package.

In addition to a great day out, a visit to The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham helps pupils to develop their social skills and build self-confidence by trying new things and stimulating their senses. It also allows them to develop their language and communication skills in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

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